Nearshore Software Development: A Guide

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Do you want to make your company more responsive and better at completing projects? Continue reading to learn about nearshore software development and how it benefits you.

Every business and company is searching for ways to receive better results while reducing their investment costs. This is true for your IT industry, where the salaries continue to grow, and reliable/qualified employees are highly demanded.

Let us educate you on what nearshore software development can do for your business.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Nearshore outsourcing is when you get your services or work performed by people in countries adjacent or next to yours. For instance, companies inside the US will outsource their work to Mexico and Canada.

Geographic proximity helps make communication and travel less expensive, and you’ll have some cultural similarities. With nearshoring, there is a higher chance that the workers are able to speak the same language.

Nearshore software development is an “in between choice” when we think about onshoring and off shoring. Technically, nearshore software development works like offshoring, but the only difference is the location. Offshoring works when a country buys services for a foreign country.

Here are some quick reasons why companies turn to Nearshoring:

  • Culture similarity and geographic proximity helps make communication and travel less expensive and easier
  • Your developers will have a strong portfolio of completed projects and technical skills. For instance, Ukraine is ranked 4th among the world’s top educated nations.
  • Nearshore companies provide services that are cost-efficient and cost-effective options. You’ll have a higher quality product for the fraction of the price than using offshore development plans.

Nearshore development businesses have the same country location that has similar time zones. Or, they’ll have minimal differences. This helps the users have a higher level of communication and is a more cost-effective way to manage your company.

What are the Advantages?

These are some of the reasons why your business could gain a lot from using nearshoring their development teams:

Enthusiastic Workforce/Stability

When you have a nearshore contact system for your employees as your customer care, call center, or office workforce is a reliable compared to traditional outsourcing companies. Why? Because your employees demand these jobs.

Possible Tax Savings

Major IT outsourcing companies’ governments are attempting to support the industry by creating good taxation laws. This is why businesses see offshore software development as a way to reduce their taxes during tax season.

Longer Hours Because of Time Difference

Many businesses that have experience in offshoring state that the difference in time zones when both the nearshore development team and your in-house development teams are combined.

Due to the time difference, your offshore developers will be able to leave work later than the onsite programmers and start earlier than them.

That way, your employees work on the project will continue more than 7-8 hours per day, and it will be completed quicker.

Closing Remarks

Businesses are changing, and you will need to change your strategies in order to survive in such an evergrowing market. Ultimately, it can help your business when you keep your employees nearby and works for long-term growth.

Disclaimer: All of our information is used for business purposes only. If you plan on using this form employee outsourcing, make sure that your company is ready for the change and do so at your own risk.