Review: Blue Yeti USB Microphone

blue yeti microphone

With the popularity of podcasting back in full swing I’ve been taking a look at some of the equipment available to podcasters on a budget.

Rather than a big scary monster to be found in mountainous regions, this microphone is not scary, or hairy for that matter and has a sleek vintage charm that you may not associate with the great sound it produces.

The Blue Yeti has two key features, that as a beginner, you will found really useful. The first is the gain dial. By increasing or decreasing the level you are able to counteract the quietest or indeed the loudest of interviewees. The second feature that we could now no longer live without is the triple-capsule microphone. This allows you to switch between bi-directional and omni-directional modes depending on what you are trying to record.

We tested the mic out in a busy hotel. Whilst I was lucky enough to have a private little area there was of course background noise. If it had been the Philips I had with me, it would have meant a lot longer editing the files after, but with the blue yeti it didn’t pick up the unwanted noise in the same way!

The only downside to the yeti is its size, a large microphone it’s cumbersome and hard to pack. However it’s a small price to pay and the quality of the recording far outweighs the need to plan your interviews a little better.

On amazon you can snap this microphone up for around the £100 mark. Whilst there are plenty of cheaper and or free options we’d highly recommend getting your hands on one of the little beasts and seeing what you can do.