Apple Prepping Ultra-thin 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple will be able to slim down the 15in MacBook Pro as it is set to get rid of the optical drive completely, a move it took with the MacBook Air a few years ago reports The International Business Times.

Apple is going to introduce a completely new 15in version of the MacBook Pro range but it is unclear if Apple will retain the current 13in and 17in versions of the powerful laptops, though rumours last month suggested the 17in version was likely to be dropped.

The standout feature of the new laptop is set to be a high resolution Retina Display, first rumoured back in March. The Retina Displays which was first seen on the 3.5in iPhone 4 screen and most recently on the latest 9.7in iPad screen. Laptop screens have traditionally been one of their weakest features but if Apple can manage to incorporate a Retina Display it will blow all competition out of the water.

The source who spoke to 9to5Mac claims to have handled prototype components and casings for the new notebook and described the design as “jaw-dropping.”

Another new feature will be USB 3.0, which for some will be a surprise move, considering Apple had plumped for Thunderbolt connections on its previous MacBook Pro models. According to the prototypes seen by the source, the USB 3.0 ports will sit alongside Thunderbolt ports rather than replace them.

Another new design tweak coming to the new-look MacBook Pro will be a tweaked keyboard design, with the power button being incorporated into the keyboard, replacing the disc eject key.

The refreshed MacBook Pro line up will come with a range of Intel’s third generation Core processors, codenamed Ivy Bridge.

Apple is hosting its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco in June where it is expected to launch the refreshed MacBook Pro line up, the latest iPhone as well as the possibility of an Apple television.