7 must-have gadgets for small businesses

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If you’ve just launched your new small business or you’re planning to launch it in the near future, you will need to equip your office space with some trustworthy gadgets.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 must-have gadgets for small businesses that will increase your productivity without necessarily breaking your budget.

Business Laptop

Laptops are quite the trend nowadays, with more businesses opting for laptops instead of desktops due to their mobility. If you’re looking to buy a few for your business, your best option is the Google Pixelbook. The latest version offers excellent battery life and great connectivity.

Whether you want to create website content, carry out marketing, write code or just do anything else, a good laptop should be your go-to option. With the Pixelbook, you get the latest generation Intel processor in it, packed with enough RAM and storage to make it a viable option for small businesses. The only downside is the small screen size, which is only 12.3 inches wide.

Portable Laptop Monitor

If you’re not satisfied with the small screen of the Google Pixelbook, you’re in for a treat. PackedPixels created the perfect solution for this issue. Their portable laptop monitors are affordable and easy-to-use. The only downside is that the portable monitors require either a display port or a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 port. Fortunately, a simple converter is more than enough if your laptops don’t have the required port.

The two displays that come in the package are both 9.7 inches wide, making them a perfect addition to your laptop.

Portable POS

An increasing number of customers are choosing contactless digital payments over cash. This is because it’s both faster and safer. If you have a storefront or you’re selling a service or a product directly from your office area, you’re going to need a portable POS. This is where the Square Reader comes in. This is a small device that does exactly what you need.

Credit or debit cards and mobile devices work great with the Square Reader. In order for you to be able to accept digital payments through the device, you’ll just need to set up a Square account and you’ll be ready to go within the hour.


Amazon’s Fire tablet are a great choice for small businesses. They come in 3 different sizes and hardware options. Naturally, the Fire HD 10 version, which is the biggest and the most powerful, is your best option. Besides being faster and having a better display, the Fire HD 10 also offers more storage. Amazon advertises up to 10 hours of use, which is more than enough for a day’s work.

However, you’ll have to keep in mind that because the tablet is designed to work with Amazon applications, you’ll have a harder time installing apps from Google play. There are plenty of reliable productivity apps on Amazon, meaning you don’t necessarily need anything else anyway.

Wireless Printer

Of course, if your company still needs to print certain documents, you’re going to need a good printer. The Canon Pixma G4200 is an excellent option. It’s fully wireless, meaning it doesn’t offer Ethernet connectivity at all. Furthermore, it uses new ink system that doesn’t require you to change cartridges every time the ink runs out.

You simply refill the ink tank from special ink bottles. This keeps costs to a minimum, allowing you to invest the money you would spend on ink in other areas of your business.

Portable Projector

Holding important meetings means that everyone needs to see what’s being presented. A portable projector is essential in these situations, especially if you don’t have a designated conference room. The Optoma ML750ST is a LED projector that has a decent native resolution that can be upscaled to 1080i. It weighs around 1kg and the picture is bright and clear.

The biggest plus is the wide array of connectivity options that it offers: HDMI, USB, 3.5mm audio jack, and a microSD slot.

Mobile Power Bank

The Orico SC28 is pretty much the only power bank that you will ever need. Even though it’s slightly bulky, its huge capacity is exactly what you need in your office. 28,800 mAh are at your disposal. You can charge laptops, tablets, and phones on the go without having to worry about losing power.

It’s made of aluminum alloy and it has 3 power outputs: USB 1, USB2, and DC. A small display that shows you the amount of mAh left in the power bank is also present, making it easier to know when it needs to be recharged.

And just when you thought nothing more can make your smartphone smarter than it already is, there come along super clever gadgets that blow your mind. Let’s take a look at these three gadgets that you can attach to your smartphone to make it perform remarkable functions. To ensure you never miss out on the latest technology check out Gear hungry, and you’ll always stay in the loop!