Why Don’t Companies Want Business from Start-Ups?

It’s almost a year since Start Up Britain was launched and I blogged my view of it and what I wanted to see on it.
I asked that it be opened up to any company that was willing to create an offer. This has certainly been done – but where is the ‘telephone directory’ of great offers from companies big and small? Where indeed!
It’s mainly small local companies offering 10 or 15% off their services. A few larger companies are offering 5 – 10% off, we can beat that by shopping around. They’re not really trying are they?
All discounts are good, and if you find a deal that suits you – well then that’s a success.
But after a year there are only around 80 offers there. I can’t claim to have kept a close eye on the site all year, maybe there have been many, many more offers that rotate. I don’t know. But 80 doesn’t seem many for a national site serving thousands of businesses.
Where are the big names that can afford to give a good deal? You might expect the sponsors to have some great deals, but no. They have their standard pricing or perhaps 5-10% off..
Come on big companies, where are you?
And little companies too – if you run a business that can help a start-up – think up an offer. It really doesn’t just have to be a discount. Get creative, think up a deal. What do start-up businesses need that they can’t afford? Can you throw in something extra that will cost you very little? You’ll probably gain a customer for a long time.
As a start-up, it’s really annoying (and a little wearing) to be talked down to and treated as second class because I’m not a big business with a lot of money. Where do you think big business comes from…eh?
It’s refreshing to find a business that’s prepared to help a small start-up. I remember those companies and will go back to them. I remember the other companies too, and I won’t ever deal with them.
If you run a business – don’t forget that it was a start-up once. Don’t look down on those who are following in its footsteps. If you work in someone else’s business, the same applies – it was a start-up once.
Can you think up a useful offer? Perhaps create a package that a start-up might want – that is maybe different to what your larger clients might buy?
The Start Up Britain org is doing a lot of good work in inspiring and informing people who want to start or grow a business. All you have to do is go onto the website and add your excellent offer. Do you want new customers or not?