The Government is acting like a ‘sat nav with no postcode’

Hellewell founded his global Ovenu business in 1994, and the company now operates via a network of franchisees based across the UK, and as far afield as Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.
Rik, who recently returned from a stint in Australia overseeing his master franchise licensees, said: “When you spend time looking at the way other countries are handling the downturn, you soon see that our Government is like a sat nav with no postcode – they are getting places entirely by accident and have no real direction.
“I’ve just got back from a business trip to the southern hemisphere, where Ovenu is rapidly expanding as a business, and the difference in their leadership is remarkable. They implement sensible solutions and most importantly, they get on with it. They don’t suffer with analysis paralysis like our politicians seem to.”
In April this year, the Australian Government made a one-off payment of $900 to taxpayers as part of a substantial stimulation package.
An income tax incentive for individual vehicle buyers is the latest proposal put forward for the automotive industry. The Government is providing businesses with a one off tax deduction off the capital cost of eligible assets, such as motor vehicles. Small businesses who have a turnover of under $2 million p.a. can claim a 50% deduction and general business can claim a 10% deduction on eligible assets purchased prior to 31st December 2009.