Top ten business applications for Android phones

T-Mobile UK has recognised this and launched shareAnywhere, an application on the Android™ platform designed to help businesses share information about their products and services with customers and colleagues wherever they are. shareAnywhere will be available free for download onto any device supporting the Android™ platform, which includes the T-Mobile G1, G2 Touch and Pulse devices.
shareAnywhere was developed following a focus group between T-Mobile and a number of small business customers discussing which applications would make a real difference to their working lives. The application allows business users to present a series of images to customers, colleagues and prospects quickly and professionally on their Android™ phone. Mobile workers can synchronise the presentations on the phone with a central web repository (, which can be controlled and updated by anyone in the office – ensuring the mobile worker is always using the latest images and files when in the field, and doesn’t have to waste time with regular trips back to the office.

With this in mind, T-Mobile UK arranged a focus group with small business customers and has since collated a list of the top 10 downloadable Android™ applications based on their views. These applications are for businesses looking to discover new ways to use mobile devices beyond email and can all be found on the Android Market™ with a handset running on Android™ technology.
Note Everything (free)
Keep organised and ordered with this application for making any form of notes – written, audio or visual. You can also create shortcuts, send, search, or encrypt the notes and set reminders to ensure you always prioritise what is important.
London Underground (free)
Download this application to receive up-to-the-minute Tube line status updates to help remove some of the unpredictability of Underground travel. With a full map licensed from Transport for London, plan corporate travel more effectively and choose routes accordingly by knowing which lines are experiencing delays.
shareAnywhere (free)
Developed by T-Mobile, shareAnywhere is an application designed to help businesses share information about products and services with customers and colleagues wherever they are. Use it to automatically compress image files into a high-quality brochure-like slideshow, complete with your company branding. The brochure presentations are synchronised with a central web repository, which can be controlled and updated by anyone in the office – meaning the latest and most up-to-date images and files can be accessed by those working on the move.
aCurrency (free)
The aCurrency application helps bring clarity to financial exchange rates by acting as a currency converter for over 160 currencies. Handy for quick conversions away from the office, it’s updated daily as well.
handyCalc (free)         
An incredibly powerful calculator with automatic suggestion and solving, handyCalc allows you to process and analyse data for forecasting and budgeting purposes.
Locale (free)
Maintain a professional appearance and uphold meeting etiquette at all times with this application that provides complete control of when your phone rings. Simply programme in the GPS settings of a client or customers’ office and set your mobile to be silent whenever you visit that location.
Scan2PDF Mobile (£3.99)
With PDFs forming the backbone of many document exchanges, you can now capture and exchange crucial materials immediately with this app that takes photos of documents and turns them into PDF files with multiple pages. The documents can then be emailed straight from your phone.
OL File Manager (free)
As increasing amounts of business-critical information becomes accessible out of the office, use this application to keep the content on your phone structured and in order. OL File Manager enables you to browse your SD card, create directories and rename, move and delete files of data.
Cab4Me (free)
Whether you’re meeting clients, customers, prospects or partners; arriving on time is a must. This app utilises the Android’s built-in GPS to find local cab companies near your location. It is available in any major town or city in the world. 
UK Traffic (free)
Keep up to date with the latest traffic news and reports, as published by the Highways Agency, Traffic Scotland and Traffic Wales, in your region and across the UK to minimise travel time and make the most productive use of your day.