The Apprentice: Task three – Bakery

They were two completely different characters – one loud, obnoxious and brash and the other a complete wall flower.
After Joy was sent packing last week, some of the personalities that shied away in the first two weeks would have felt self conscious this week and been aware they really needed to raise their game. On the other hand both Stuart and Joanna had received a real dressing down in the board room and needed to prove themselves as team players without being bossy, controlling and arrogant.  Overall this was the time for everyone to prove themselves as genuine candidates.  
There’s no doubt every contestant has an ego, that’s why they have been selected . Personalities and egos are now really starting to show. That really showed with both Mel and Jamie, fighting for the leadership of Team Synergy.  From the outset it looked like there could be a lot of disharmony in the team, which ultimately could ruin their task. 
Team Apollo were much  more straight forward in selecting Shibby  -from the outset it seemed like they were going to act together as much more of a team.  However their lack of communication really hit them where it hurts and the team quickly fell apart – as proved true in the second pitch. They way Shibby acted in front of potential clients was quite simply embarrassing. Having already accepted a massive order from the first pitch, he wasn’t necessarily wrong with his decision to turn down the deal but I have to agree with Paloma – you simply can’t talk like that in front of potential clients. 
Melissa made a major error with her calculations and went into the pitch totally unprepared. At £1.82 per unit – it really sounded like she blurted the first figure that came into her head!  In their second pitch, again Melissa was totally unprepared. I really think she has a lot to thank her team for this week. They sold their socks off and brought home a terrific margin on 700 percent.
With her background in the food industry this really should have been her chance to shine and her failure to really seize control in this task could come back to haunt her in the coming weeks.  As Lord Sugar said – “Bad pitch no pricing, don’t know what you doing.”
The most interesting part of last night’s show for me was to see Jo and Stuart sit back a little more after theie early show run ins with Lord Sugar. In fact Stuart received high praise for his market stall efforts from Nick Hewer – it will be fascinating to see if he can keep that ego in check should he become PM. 
Sandeesh was in real danger of being the next Joy. Hiding too much and not contributing made her vulnerable if the team lost. 
I have to completely agree with Lord Sugar’s decision to get rid of Shibby.  Promising 1000 bread rolls and only delivering 16 – unbelievable!  He does seem like a good guy and definitely had something about him on the sales front but he wasn’t the full package and his lack of business experience really let him down. 
As PM he really should have been the main line of communication between the two teams but as Karen put it  – “heart of failure was lack of communication between the two teams.”  Ultimately this was all down to Shibby. 
Looking into week four, Liz sold the most with last night with a profit of £203 – she has been really unlucky to be in the loosing team twice in a row but her results speak for themselves.  She may well become the one to watch.