Jamie’s Dream School. Will we ever learn?

There are just some people who are unreachable and it doesn’t
matter how hard we try.

I’m sure that will be a popular view…everyone’s redeemable,

Well, I’m not convinced.

I predominantly work as a trainer and I have to tell you
that I can spot the adults who were disruptive and disenfranchised school kids
so easily. You see, some behaviour never changes. They will treat a £1500
course like “school” instead of personal development. They will disrupt
proceedings, they’re not self-directed learners, and they upset other
attendees. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes
they’ll even go to sit at the back of the “class.”

I think that although Jamie Oliver’s actions are in part
admirable, they’re also a personal crusade based entirely on his own school
career. And let’s remember that the unreachable, more arrogant members of Dream
School were apparently still suffering from inaction by the end of the
experiment; “currently looking into a photography course” is really not the
same as having three offers to a university or securing a job as a junior chef,
is it?

I love seeing those kids who have, for one reason or
another, slipped through the net of the school system, being able to turn their
lives around. But Jamie, you can’t control everyone and you have to face facts
that not everyone is ready for your particular kind of help.