How important are you?

Well, I started asking myself, what the most integral part of my business is. Is it the internet? My computer? Social Media? My customers? You would be forgiven for thinking it was a combination of all of the above however you would be wrong.
The most important element of my business is me! A little self-indulgent maybe but the more I think about it the more I know I’m right.
Firstly, without me the business would never have existed and without me spending approximately 90% of my life at my desk it would have failed long ago. I am the driving force behind my success and I know that even as time goes on, my company expands and I take on staff, the buck will always stop with me.
I’m sure by now you’re wondering what I’m banging on about and if there’s a point to any of this waffle, well there is. As cheesy as it may sound your business begins and ends with you. Regardless of the number of staff you have, you should be the first in the office in the morning and the last to leave in the evening.
Too many people think that the success of their business is dependent on others; their staff, contacts and networking abilities and whilst these are highly important and extremely valuable commodities none are more important than you.
At the start of every day ask yourself the following, if I didn’t go to work today, what would happen to my business? If I took the next week off, how would my business be affected?
Can you honestly say that your business would be better off without you being involved at ground level? I’m sure the business would survive but would it improve?
I intend to make sure I will always be the most integral part of my business, regardless of staff, contacts or customers. If the day comes when my business is moving forward without any assistance or input from me then I’ll know it’s time to step aside just like Steve Jobs has.
He may have done it for different reasons but his comment to the press really struck a chord “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s C.E.O., I would be the first to let you know.
Unfortunately, that day has come” I can honestly say that if that ever becomes the case with me, I will also relinquish the reigns.
Good luck Steve!