Do entrepreneurs ‘think’ differently to other people?

They also have the ability to master four sets of skills
while most people manage one or two. 
Robbie believes that entrepreneurs keep themselves psychologically
healthy, keeping their minds free of negative, limiting beliefs, while looking
after the physical and spiritual side of things as well.

UKCP registered
psychotherapist Martin Pollecoff also talks about the entrepreneurial mindset:
“When we talk about ‘luck and entrepreneurism’ we make a mental shift from the
certainties of market-share, stock control or taxation to one in which we are
playthings in the hands of Gods”. 
When interviewed, Martin referred to the work of Joseph Campbell, a
mythologist who compared stories of heroes who all had to meet challenges and
overcome both inability and fear to then be able to, like entrepreneurs, bring
an enterprise to success.

Margaret Manning, CEO of
Reading Room and Female Entrepreneur of the Year winner at the 2008 Fast
Business Growth Awards, agrees that entrepreneurs have to think
differently.  She feels that true
entrepreneurship is often more about instinct and spontaneity than about what
you can learn in a classroom.

Speak First’s Managing
Director Amanda Vickers says “Entrepreneurs to me are different in that they
tend to be optimistic, willing to take risks, have great ideas but need other
people to implement them. They have vision and work longer hours than most to
achieve it. When things go wrong – even badly wrong – they show resilience by
starting over on something new again”.