Budding Novel authors urged to keep on writing

Last month was National Novel Writing Month, but even now it has come to an end I want all aspiring writers out there to continue with their initial book ideas and first chapters!

I know for a fact that 90% of people start, but never finish their book, and I totally believe that it is entirely possible for them to have their books completed early in 2011, especially with the Christmas and New Year break just around the corner.

The determination to finish a book should last long after National Novel Writing month and I really don’t want this momentum to slow down just because it has come to an end.

I’ve perfected a strategy over the years which helps people to write their book from cover to cover in just 90 days. It requires some dedication and commitment naturally, but I’ve seen many authors complete excellent manuscripts in 90 days.

It’s totally possible for fiction authors to achieve this if they set their mind to it.

For anyone looking to publish a fiction book, co-operative publishing can be a highly affordable and quick to market option that also enables authors to get great returns from sales of their books.

I’ve seen so many authors miss the boat after being signed up to big publishing houses who then don’t release their book for months. In such a rapidly changing world, if your message is relevant now you must get it out there as soon as possible to ensure you get the best traction. You simply can’t afford to wait.