The Apprentice: 2016 Candidates

The Apprentice 2016

The contrast and variety of different sectors that interweave between the listed candidates this year is inevitably going to aid the entertainment side of the programme. Expect clashes of not just industries, but also the characters, it’s definitely going to be interesting for viewers to watch as the personalities unravel and the true temperaments come out. The initial 18 candidates, shortlisted from thousands of applicants, are faced with a variation of gruelling and pressurised tasks each week in hope to impress Lord Sugar and secure their place in the process to become his potential business partner. Undoubtedly, we will see the struggles and mishaps that the candidates will face each week and how they deal with the forthcoming conflictions.

Meet the candidates:

aleksandra-kingAleksandra King, 38 is a business consultancy owner, living in London.


“Like the Tasmanian devil in the famous cartoon, I will torpedo my way through to the win”

Aleksandra believes she can sell to anyone and is hugely confident in general. She believes she has a good eye for spotting good business opportunity which is bound to help her gain brownie points within the process.




alana-spencerAlana Spencer, 24 is the owner of a cake company, living in Ceredigion, Wales.

“I am incredibly hard working, driven, and I’ll stop at nothing to get what I want”Starting her first business at the age of 17, Alana’s business acumen has stemmed from the early stages of her life. She believes she is an adaptable businesswoman and will not be phased by the tasks that Lord Sugar puts in-front of her.




courtney-woodCourtney Wood, 29 is a novelty gift company owner, living in Essex.

“How would I describe myself in one sentence? I’ll give you one word: awesome”Courtney states that having a positive attitude as one of his attributes is going to help him propel in the process of The Apprentice. He plans to assert his authority within the tasks and is not one to ‘sit back’ so we expect to see him as a good project manager.




dillon-st-paulDillon St Paul, 37 is a magazine art director, living in Dublin, Ireland.

“Sometimes batting the eyelashes can get you a lot in business. Hence, the mascara comes in handy – so they can see those lashes”Self-proclaimed for being very funny, talented and kind, Dillon sounds like the perfect candidate! However, Dillon intends to be ‘Machiavellian’ about tasks and is not afraid to tell a white lie or two if he feels the need to.



paul-sullivanPaul Sullivan, 38 is the owner of a marketing agency, living in Chigwell, Essex.

“I’ll play the team when I need to be part of the team, but I’m here to win… not to make up the numbers”Paul describes himself for being a ‘charmer’ and states that his sincerity and consistency will put him ahead of the competition, rather than ‘USP’ which he doesn’t believe in. Being owner and director of his own marketing company that specialises in finance, technology, construction and property means that Paul may have an advantage if any tasks within these sectors arise.


grainne-mccoyGrainne McCoy, 31 is the owner of a makeup studio, living in Northern Ireland.

“I need guidance and a little bit of mentoring to help me make that first million”Claiming her passion and hunger is something of advantage, Grainne believes that she will be one to stand out from the other candidates. Her strong-mindfulness is a quality that she thinks will get her through the proposed tasks successfully.




jessica-cunninghamJessica Cunningham, 29 is an online fashion entrepreneur, living in Derbyshire.

“A motto I live by is: there is no competition if you’re already winning”Jessica believes her consistent positive attitude is a quality that will work in her favour during the different tasks that she is faced with throughout the process. Her plan is to get close to candidates to discover how they work and to be able to outline their weaknesses in order to put her ahead of the competition.



frances-bishopFrances Bishop, 25 is the owner of a children’s clothing company, living in Doncaster.

“I’m a pocket rocket. I’m quite fiery and live by the rule ‘kill them with kindness’”Stating her feisty and talkative personality has got herself to where she is today in the business world, Frances is a confident candidate who believes that her positive mind-set will impress Lord Sugar to the point of victory.




jd-obrienJD O’Brien, 37 is a beachwear company owner, living in London.

“I won’t suffer fools. I will get upset by other candidates who don’t know their arse from their elbow”JD claims to seek the best in a situation, whilst going the right way about it. He is confident not to make any mistakes along the way of the process and is determined to reach his goals. His work ethic is something to watch and he will strive to achieve what he sets himself out to do.





Karthik Nagesan, 33 is the owner of an IT consultancy, living in Northamptonshire.

“If I wanted to be like everyone else, I’d have waxed my monobrow”Described as a ‘born leader’ by his friends, Karthik claims to take inspiration from Alexander the Great because he was “a master strategist and a brilliant tactician”. He believes his firmness doesn’t reflect a lacking in his politeness, resulting in him being the ultimate ‘human magnet’ that is bound to do well in the process.



michelle-niziolMichelle Niziol, 35 is a property consultancy owner, living in Oxfordshire.

“I have no fear of anybody else, no one intimidates me”Founding and owning three companies in mortgages, property and lettings, Michelle clearly holds strong knowledge within this sector. She claims to have two sides, a work and home personality which sometimes interweave with one another. Her work self is a determined and hard-working individual, which will surely be portrayed within the process.



oliver-nohl-oserOliver Nohl-Oser, 33 is the owner of a food distribution business, living in Wiltshire.

“Sometimes I feel like James Bond when I’m in my suit”Stating to have great powers of persuasion, Oliver views this as his best business skill, along with his strong marketing ability. He is strong believer in ‘honesty is the best policy’ which will help him claim the prize of being Lord Sugar’s business partner that he has his eager eyes captured on.



natalie-hughesNatalie Hughes, 30 is a hair and beauty salon owner, living in Glasgow.

“I started at a young age, I’m a hustler, I’ve got the hustler’s ambition”Considering her best quality to be her quick-thinking ability, Natalie is a persuasive talker that claims nothing can embarrass her. Strong in sales through her ability to buy and sell with ease, Natalie seems to be a confident candidate who is ready to strive to win.




samuel-boatengSamuel Boateng, 27 is a sales manager for a major car brand, living in London.

“My creativity, my passion, my charm, and my likeability all roll into one, creating one perfect guy”Samuel has impressively managed and generated new business for over 700 businesses across the London area. He is convinced that his strongest business skill is generating new and innovative ideas, which is bound to enhance his opportunities in the process. With a confidence in public speaking under his belt too, this Londoner will be one to watch but is hoping not to be viewed as an easy target.


rebecca-jeffreyRebecca Jeffrey, 31 is the owner of a design and marketing agency, living in Greater Manchester.

“I do talk too much, I think most people in my life would say I talk too much – I would probably put it down to infectious enthusiasm”Working as both the account manager and creative director at her own design and marketing agency, balancing tasks and multitasking shouldn’t be much of a struggle for Rebecca. She declares that she is often underestimated and her friendly, chatty approach can cause misconception of who she really is, however she states that she is a ‘really good business person’.


sofiane-khelfaSofiane Khelfa, 32 is a senior sales executive in the technology sector, living in Essex.

“The best survivors in the world are the people who adapt, and I’m the best at adapting. I’m like a chameleon. I adapt to anything, anywhere, anytime”

Claiming he has the ability to build lasting relations in business, reflects his keen attitude on the subject, however, his friends say he can come across for being ‘overzealous’ at times, which could potentially influence other candidates’ impression of him within the process. Though, Sofiane believes that his personality and skills will shine through within the process.



Mukai Noiri, 36 is a digital marketing manager in the fashion sector, living in London.

“I feel sorry for Lord Sugar because previous applicants have been weak”Mukai has lived in over six countries across three continents, so he shouldn’t startle when having to possibly adapt to new environments. He is a straight talker which he believes people may view for insensitivity. He also thinks that his strength in charm is something to be of value and is clearly a determined candidate within this year’s line-up.



trishna-thakrarTrishna Thakrar, 28 is a recruitment agent in IT, living in London.

“My only tactic is to be myself; this alone will make sure I win”

Describing herself as a ‘tomboy’, Trishna claims her friend would describe her as an ‘engaging’ and ‘funny’ individual. She is not afraid to hold back from anything or anyone, which she sees that may be a downfall due to her fairly sensitive nature.



The Apprentice will be reviewed every week when its debut for the 12th series goes live next week.