4 tips to detox your life

Do you feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Tired? If your answer is no, congratulations! You’re part of the percentage that’s living a fabulous life. If your answer is yes, however, there’s good news for you, says inc.

Many times, we take on more than we have to without realising the impact that it all has on our lives. Do we really need to take on another project? Do we really need to stay a couple extra hours at work each day? Do we really need to get another dog? Suddenly, we feel our lives are out of control.

How do we get back to the basics and live a more satisfying life? It may be time for a life detox, decluttering what’s obstructing our way and preventing us from feeling happy and successful. Detoxing as a way of life is a healthy thing to do for anyone.

Here are four super-helpful tips to start a life detox at any time.

1. Detox your home

Your home is a reflection of you–everything from your clothes to your furniture to your bookshelves says a lot about you. Throughout life, you may have accumulated more things that you needed to–things that are taking up more space and things that you aren’t using anymore and have already forgotten about.

What can you do? Consider donating the clothes and furniture you aren’t using to the nearest BHF or Salvation Army store. Throw away expired food items from your pantry, and anything else that belongs in the garbage.

2. Detox your body

If you’re feeling tired, irritable, and are less active, take that as a sign that your body is asking you for help. Maybe you’ve gained a few pounds from eating out a lot, and the thought of exercising is just too much for you to handle at this time. Deep inside, you know that you need to take action to feel and look better.

What can you do? Consider an herbal detox to cleanse your body of unhealthy toxins. Eat nutritious foods. Ideally, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Get plenty of sleep–a minimum of six hours a night. All this will boost your immune system naturally.

3. Detox your mind

When you cleanse your mind of negative thoughts, you’ll feel better. What thoughts most occupy your mind? Are you allowing someone or something to make you worry needlessly? When you become stressed out and irritable for no reason, your mind is not at ease.

What to do? Consider taking an inventory of unhealthy thoughts and make an effort to reframe them in a positive way. Before going to sleep, think of something positive that happened to you during the day. Also, spend less time on social media.

4. Detox your social life

Detoxifying implies letting go of the bad so you can make room to let in the good. Most likely, there are people in your social circle who are always negative, always unhappy, and always complaining about something. Having a good circle of people in your life is very healthy for you. Embrace quality over quantity.

What to do? Consider reflecting on the people who are constantly making you feel depressed or stressed. Invest time in people who are worthy of your valuable attention. Guess what? They’re the ones you love and care for the most–and who love and care for you the most.