New survey reveals if you want to be busy in the bedroom don’t work in the financial sector

lucky in bed

New research has discovered just how often people not involved in the financial industries find themselves getting lucky in the bedroom department, as those who do not have a financial trading job top the list with a whopping 17x love-making sessions per month.

According to the poll, those who are involved in trading/brokers are the least lucky in the bedroom, having just two love-making sessions during the average month.

Whilst only half of Britons believe in luck, those who are not involved in the financial trading industry find themselves getting lucky in love with their partner on average 17 times per month, closely followed by those who are not working in marketing or media. Unfortunately for those who are trading in the financial industry (or trading online from home/office), twice a month is going to have to suffice.

The research is part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards luck and all of whom took part in the survey stated that they were in a committed relationship and were asked about how often they ‘get lucky’ in a variety of ways.

The team then coupled the data with job profiles and have come up with rather surprising findings.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘Do you believe in luck?’ to which just over half of respondents stated that ‘yes’ they do. When asked if they did anything to boost their luck, a third of those admitted that ‘yes’ there are things that they do, including ‘abiding by superstitions’ and ‘carrying a good luck charm’.

All respondents were then asked how often they ‘got lucky’ with their partner, as well as being asked to state what job they had in in order to determine job averages.

According to the poll, the average love-making session was revealed as 22 minutes, with the most popular times to do so revealed as ‘in the morning after waking up’, ‘when in bed at night, before going to sleep’ and ‘usually under the influence of alcohol’.

Those who confessed that they typically had sexual relations with their partner first thing in the morning were asked why the morning was their preference. ‘It wakes you up for the day’ and ‘we’re too tired in the evenings’ were cited as the most common reasons why.

Ethan Rowe, Editor in Chief of, who commissioned the research, commented: “Whilst some may be jealous of others for getting lucky in the bedroom more than they do, ultimately sex isn’t the be all and end all of a relationship. There are various factors that make a strong, healthy relationship – but being intimate definitely helps. It is not surprising in a way to see that those who have potentially high income and maybe are expected to have more opportunities have to commit more free/personal time which in return has a negative effect on their ‘volume’ of sex-life. ”