Two-thirds of Britons confident about personal finances – survey

Almost two-thirds of Britons feel positive about their finances for the year ahead despite concerns about Brexit, rising food prices and household bills, a survey suggests.

Some 62% of people say they are confident about their personal finances, with 29% believing their outlook will improve this year, according to the poll for

Among the 27% who believe their finances will worsen, 60% cited rising food prices, 56% were concerned about household bills and 50% were uncertain about the effects of Brexit.

Some 38% of Britons are prioritising spending on holidays this year, while 16% plan to pay off personal debt and 14% expect to undertake house renovations.

The poll suggests consumer spending on non-essential food and drink including meals out, expensive groceries, socialising in bars and takeaway coffee will fall this year, with almost a quarter of Britons (24%) planning to spend more on experiences than material possessions.

The average Briton is planning to save £250 per month in 2019, up 7% from £233 last year, according to the survey.

Jimmy New, director of marketing at, said: “Despite wider political and economic events understandably making Brits take a more cautious approach to their spending, it’s great to see 62% of the nation are still feeling confident about their finances as we settle into the new year.”

Opinium surveyed 2,004 adults online between December 28 and January 2.