SEO resellers 101: 4 programs you should know about

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If you have an agency that specialises in marketing, it would be cost-efficient and possibly more effective to hire an SEO reseller to focus on all the SEO work that your clients will need.

Simply, when you partner with one, you’ll have a team of experts who can develop the necessary processes for producing optimal search results on different engines.

You don’t actually have to spend a lot to hire your own in-house SEO professionals. You may work hand-in-hand with a reseller to help you offer these services to the clients in your marketing agency.

What are the top SEO reseller programs you should know about? Here is a list of well-known resellers:

HigherVisibility’s SEO Reseller Program

HigherVisibility, a leading digital marketing agency, is currently one of the more established seo resellers. They started their company in 2009, and have a very good track record of the businesses they’ve helped effectively with their services. You may check out their website for case studies of businesses they’ve already worked with and garnered amazing results.

Here’s how this company can help you with your SEO needs:

  • They will assist you with all your needs from presenting proposals to your clients up to securing the deal.
  • Provides ample sales materials that you can show to your potential clients.
  • They will take care of preparing comprehensive proposals after they’ve reviewed your client’s website and conducted a thorough assessment of their marketing needs.
  • Working with HigherVisibility grants you access to phone consultations with their sales staff.
  • They will partner with you in convincing clients to hire your agency for SEO services.

HigherVisibility has one of the most competitive compensation packages in the SEO industry. For one, they offer volume pricing on their services. They can give you better rates when you bring in more clients and commits to giving payments to their partner agencies promptly.

RankPay’s White Label SEO Program

With RankPay, you can use your own brand to resell a complete range of marketing services to your potential clients. This company started in 2007 and had pioneered the concept of pay-for-performance SEO. This simply means you can assure your clients that they will only pay for your services once you’ve proven that they can rank with your SEO services.

After you make a successful sales pitch and close the deal with each company, RankPay does the rest of the SEO work to attain higher search rankings for the websites of your clients. They deliver a diversity of services, all geared towards assisting your agency to succeed in providing high-quality SEO services to your customers.

HubShout SEO Reseller Services

As a company, HubShout launched its SEO program in 2008. They specialize in helping small businesses sell high-quality reseller services to their clients. The company calls their unique reseller program REAL SEO, a private label solution for your agency. When your business offers this program, you have HubShout’s team at your service — professional writers, content marketers, designers, developers, and analysts.

It starts each campaign by doing a comprehensive research to determine keywords and themes that will help craft content relevant to the products and services of your customers.  The team’s content designers then provide your client’s target market with Featured News, substantial articles, BuzzGraphics, as well as blog articles that are used and shared to drive more traffic to your clients’ websites.

To sustain quality service throughout the whole program, HubShout guarantees tracking and fine-tuning of their SEO services so that you can adjust your agency’s action plan to continuously achieve all of your clients’ marketing goals. 

SEOReseller White Label Reseller Program

SEOReseller has a team of highly-competent experts for your agency and your clients. To set themselves apart from other white label programs, SEOReseller’s software and services offer your marketing agency a scalable methodology that adjusts as your businesses with various clients grow.

This is combined with its SEO fulfillment service, tools, as well as its white label dashboard. All these services will aid you greatly in driving more traffic to your clients’ websites so that you can convincingly sell more packages over time.

The company:

  • Offers website audits to help you identify ranking opportunities right away.
  • Makes recommendations for strong keywords that your clients can use.
  • Assesses the rank-ability of your clients’ websites.
  • Enhances the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) position of your clients by maximizing strategies of on-page optimization.
  • Can help increase traffic to your clients’ websites through the acquisition of organic links.
  • Provides outsourcing SEO services and can help increase traffic to your clients’ websites through the acquisition of organic links.

Stan Ventures:

Stan Ventures stands out in the SEO reseller space, offering agencies a comprehensive suite of services that not only enhance their client offerings but also address the complexities of link building, a task often cited as one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. By partnering with Stan Ventures, agencies benefit from a 100% white-label service that bolsters their SEO capabilities while maintaining their brand integrity.

Partnering with Stan Ventures not only alleviates the burden of executing sophisticated SEO strategies but also empowers agencies to deliver exceptional value to their clients, particularly in the domain of link building. This collaboration enhances agencies’ offerings, ensuring they remain competitive and can effectively drive their clients’ digital success.


As a marketing agency, it will be greatly advantageous for you when you team up with an SEO reseller to help you with digital marketing. Let the reseller do the hard work, so that you can focus on taking care of your clients and maintaining good relations with them. You’ll have more time and focus on your area of expertise in marketing. Fortunately, there are reputable SEO reseller programs you can work with nowadays.