The 50 top things you want in an office

The experts at online gaming site have researched what workers would love to have in their working space and have come up with a list of 50.

Some of the things suggested like slides and nap rooms already famously exist in the innovative offices of companies like Google, Ben & Jerry’s and Innocent.

The list ranges from practical solutions, like an in-office crèche for working parents, to the downright ridiculous like an ice cream van to roam the corridors.

Free food and amenities featured prominently, along with games and entertainment facilities.

A spokesperson for said: “For most of us, offices are a bit dull and boring so fantasising about an amazing workspace is great escape.

“We found that lots of the items on the list, whilst they seemed wacky, actually had sound reasoning behind them.

“At work, we are always looking for ways wanting to de-stress, be more energised and encourage creativity. Perhaps having puppy rooms, a library and massaging chairs would help along with this.”

Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Slides
  2. Personal barista to make your coffee
  3. Puppy/kitten room
  4. A gym
  5. Nap rooms
  6. A punch bag
  7. Segway scooters
  8. Floor-to-ceiling windows
  9. Massaging office chairs
  10. A daily buffet
  11. A crèche
  12. A games room
  13. A library
  14. Bean bags
  15. A pool
  16. A spa
  17. A rooftop terrace
  18. Free laundry and dry cleaning service
  19. A barber shop
  20. A floor piano
  21. An aquarium
  22. Heated seats
  23. A hair salon
  24. Personal butler
  25. A bakery
  26. A shoe shiner
  27. Unlimited ink in the printer
  28. An ice cream van
  29. A jukebox
  30. A chocolate fountain
  31. A cinema
  32. A bar that pops up at 5pm
  33. A carousel
  34. A yoga studio
  35. A garden
  36. A popcorn machine
  37. Zip wires
  38. Unlimited sticky notes
  39. Posh hand cream in the toilets
  40. Water beds
  41. Hammocks
  42. Greenhouse
  43. A chandelier
  44. Marble floors
  45. A ball pit
  46. A slush machine for the summer
  47. Free toiletries in the staff toilets
  48. Showers
  49.  A car wash
  50.  Personalised car park spots