Stay productive on the commute? Impossible, say UK Professionals


For 31 per cent of UK respondents, the daily struggle to and from the office is regarded only as time wasted.

According to the TUC, UK commuting times rose by three minutes a day between 2004 and 2014, from an average of 52 minutes to 55 minutes. For many professionals, this time could be usefully spent responding to emails or drafting copy. At the very least, commuters want the time to themselves to read, make personal calls or listen to music. However, the nature of today’s commute means that neither work nor personal tasks can be completed.

Richard Morris, UK CEO, Regus, comments: “The stresses of the daily commute – particularly train travel – are well documented.  Perhaps those getting a seat early on the route are able to complete a few tasks on the move. But joining the train further down the line results in cramped and uncomfortable conditions which make even the simplest activities impossible.

“The bigger question for British business is – why persist with the commuting model? Why make employees spend unproductive time travelling to a central location and working to fixed hours that date back to Victorian times.

“Alternatives exist, and businesses of every size are investigating flexible work options that enable employees to work closer to home and to vary their hours to better suit their circumstances.  Nobody benefits from this current commuting chaos.”