SMEs prioritise tech & broadband for investment in 2015


The survey of 1,000 SME’s found that 27 per cent were optimistic about achieving growth in 2015, with technology cited as one of five top priorities to achieve that.

Fully 90 per cent of those who took part in the survey acknowledged that broadband connectivity was critical to their prosperity, with 30 per cent making it their New Year’s resolution to increase revenues and 20 per cent seeking a happy workforce.

A further 20 per cent were more pessimistic however, doubtful of attaining any growth at all.

Charles Bligh, Managing Director of TalkTalk Business, said: “The beginning of a new year is a time for small business to plan for a prosperous 2015 and demonstrate the ambition that is needed for success.”

“However, with SME’s split on whether they can expect to achieve growth this year, small business decision makers need to take control and have the confidence to demand better value for their business in the coming 12 months.”