Sixteen of UK’s best cleantech companies chosen for US trade mission

The mission organised by Innovate UK, with The Long Run Venture and Investment (UKTI) and CoSpA (the Co-sponsorship Agency), the missions are an opportunity to learn from leaders and peers in the field through an agenda of briefings, pitch opportunities and networking events.

The companies will also have the chance to showcase their innovative worldwide climate change solutions to potential investors, and will gain a unique insight into the possibilities of expansion within the US market and internationally.

After five previously successful missions including Brazil and Colorado in 2013, 64 companies have secured more than £500m in investment since returning to the UK.

This year Clean and Cool said it was looking for companies offering solutions to Agri-tech, Cleanweb, Energy, Low impact Buildings, Low Carbon Transport and Waste Management
ADFerTech – a technology that converts waste liquid produced by anaerobic digestion to nutrient-rich, solid, low-cost fertiliser
Azotic Technologies Ltd – an environmentally friendly technology that enables plants to take nitrogen from the atmosphere rather than soil, reducing the reliance on polluting fertilisers – N-Fix®
BBOXX Ltd – innovative plug-and-play solar power systems such as LED lights and refrigerators, purchased through a monthly payment plan
BuffaloGrid – solar powered hubs to enable people in off-grid locations to charge their phones and access internet services
Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd – a carbon capture technology comprised of a recyclable solvent enabling faster, more environmentally friendly and lower-cost CO2 capture
Cogent Heat Energy Storage Systems (CHESS) – a process that generates electricity using natural gas in a way that takes CO2 out of the air
Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd – a low cost re-chargeable energy storage battery which stores electrical energy produced by wind, solar and tidal
Demand Logic – an online health monitor for buildings using real time big data analytics to address maintenance problems and wasted energy
Green Fuels Research – a low-cost, energy-efficient bio-aviation fuel for use in jet engines
Libertine – a suite of “Linear Power System” technologies for clean, reliable affordable power generation, heating, cooling and transport applications
NGB Ltd – a technology which turns biodegradable feedstock into biogas for energy production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture
Perpetual Vehicle to Grid – a disruptive power solution, partnering lithium batteries and a bespoke management system enabling real-time carbon reduction
Renovagen Ltd – a transportable solar power solution enabling self-sufficient power in off-grid locations, capable of generating 10 times more power than existing solutions.
Sefaira – uses cloud based analysis to empower architects and engineers to design more energy efficient buildings, cutting consumption by up to 30-50%
Sunamp – a highly efficient, non-toxic, low cost heat battery system saving domestic customers £200 per year.
Upside Energy Ltd – a cloud service that coordinates power flow to and from UPS batteries, sells energy capacity to the National Grid to help balance supply with the battery owner receiving 75% of the income

Director of technology and innovation at Innovate UK, Kevin Baughan said: “With San Francisco at the heart of the cleantech ecosystem in the US, the Clean and Cool Mission is a fantastic opportunity for UK businesses to showcase their innovative technologies and identify growth opportunities in this thriving industry.”

“The levels of investment achieved by previous Mission attendees is incredible and we’re really excited about the 16 companies selected for this year’s trip. Each chosen company has shown us new and exciting cleantech solutions with huge potential and addressing a multitude of environmental challenges faced by society today.”

Deputy director for Science and Innovation, UKTI Innovation Gateway, UK Trade & Investment, Louis Barson commented: “We see this mission as a chance for some of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming businesses to do deals and build connections in the US, and maybe sow the seeds for the next big breakthrough in clean technology.”