New research reveals the nation’s hardest working women

Karren Brady

Women in work in London complete on average 1,631 hours a year – 75 hours or ten typical working days more than the rest of the UK’s female workforce – while for Scottish female workers the figure is 1,626.

Working women in the North West were the third hardest workers with 1,570 hours a year, representing 14 hours more than the rest of the UK.

The research also highlighted those working women aged 22 – 29 are on average working 1,692 hours a year, which is roughly 18 typical working days more than the rest of the female workforce.

Women in work aged 30 – 39 complete on average 1,631 hours a year. Those women in work aged between 40 and 49 clock in an average 1,515 hours a year – 42 hours or roughly six days a year less than the average UK working woman.

Fiona McIntosh, co-founder of blow LTD the online beauty brand which commissioned the research said: “Our research highlights the levels of time poverty faced by working women across the UK. There are more working women than ever before, and those women – whether Millennials or working Mums – are putting in significant hours. With increasing pressures at work, comes a greater burden in our social media mad world, to look well groomed.

“As a company predominantly made up of working women, we completely understand this pressure. So we have created a beauty service that can help busy women look and feel great fast. Whether it’s an early morning meeting, wedding, party, surprise date night, or you’re a mum with young children, who finds it almost impossible to escape the house, we’ve created a service that fits in effortlessly with a busy life. It’s as much about giving harried women a shot of confidence as well as making them look fabulous.

blow LTD recently announced that it is partnering with Seedrs, the UK’s No.1 equity crowdfunding platform, it will open a crowdfunding round exclusively to its customers and Seedrs investors. The money raised will be used to grow blow LTD’s offering and start the brand’s roll out beyond London.

“We are delighted that through Seedrs, we can give our savvy customers the opportunity to share in our future success. We believe that through this fundraise, we will not only reach a strong entrepreneurial base but also highlight the benefits of our service to a nationwide audience.” McIntosh added.

Caroline Nokes, MP for the All Parliamentary Group on Body Image and Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department for Transport, said: “blow LTD’s research has identified a growing trend amongst working women in the UK. As the number of women in work reaches record highs, it’s important that as a country we recognise the increasingly limited amount of spare time that women now have. I have experienced the pressures of allotting time for both my professional and personal life, and I welcome companies that are tailoring services to help alleviate these pressures. blow LTD has come up with a beauty brand that works with women to not only reduce the amount of time poverty they have in their life but also to encourage self-confidence. It’s great to see that the company has lofty growth ambitions as this will ultimately help more busy working women up and down the UK.”