MOO Award for Britain’s Most Remarkable Entrepreneur goes to ColaLife

Innovative medical distributor ColaLife, which works in developing countries opening up distribution channels to get medical supplies delivered to remote locations in order save children’s lives, has been named MOO’s most remarkable customer.

A champion for enterprise and one of TechCity’s biggest success stories MOO received 1,700 entries, all looking to be crowned the first ever winner of the MOO Award. With a £5k award fund up for grabs, the selection process was split into four distinct criteria, which entrants were judged on: Creativity, Resourcefulness, Being Inspirational and Being Remarkable – the latter, which MOO based its 2012 and forthcoming 2013 advertising campaign around.

ColaLife recognised that while Coca-Cola is available virtually anywhere in developing locations, 1 in 5 children die from preventable causes like diarrhoea. Colalife are focusing on getting Coca-Cola to open up its distribution channels and make medical supplies, including oral rehydration salts and zinc supplements, more accessible in developing countries. The company’s goals are to reduce infant mortality rates in children under five from simple and preventable causes.

Founder and CEO, Simon Berry, explains how ColaLife came into existence when he was working in North-East Zambia in the late ‘80s: “I noticed I could get a Coca-Cola in most places and yet I couldn’t get simple medicines to stop a child dying of dehydration caused by diarrhoea, so I thought why not simply put medicines into Coca-Cola crates?”

Paul Lewis, Head of Marketing at MOO comments: “Within the MOO community you’ll find countless stories of entrepreneurial triumph, success and inspirational ideas. We’re constantly amazed by our customers’ creative approach to business but the MOO Award was created to recognise those that truly stand out from the crowd.

“ColaLife is a fantastic organisation with truly noble and remarkable goals. Furthermore, the company’s approach to helping tackle such an important (and preventable) global issue is truly innovative”.

The judging panel for the MOO Award is comprised of a cohort of leading entrepreneurs and MOO customers from around the world, including Fraser Doherty, Founder and CEO of SuperJam who began his own entrepreneurial endeavours at the age of just 16. Other judges include the founders of Wahanda, TaskRabbit and Heyday Footwear as well as Richard Moross, Founder & CEO of MOO.COM.

ColaLife beat 1,700 other companies to win a cash prize of £5,000, as well as promotion and marketing by MOO, £1,000 credit to spend on MOO products and a trophy. Other highly commended entrants included:

The Bicycle Academy, which teach over 200 students a year how to build bikes. subscription sock service ensuring no matter what day of the year a gentleman will always have a matching pair of socks.
Mannequino who have an innovative approach to creating and designing mannequins as they conceptualised and created flat pack mannequins ideal for designers showcasing around the globe.
Genevive Webster creator of the children’s Bafta nominated and global broadcasted Rastamouse
PayasUgym was also highly commended for its innovative approach to the leisure industry, allowing out-of-towners to use a Gym for a single session.
Quickka Events who create Apps such as EventStar which gets used at large national exhibitions and events

MOO also regonised the Slow Journalism Company as a remarkablecompany for their unique take on reporting on the news 3 months on, allowing for a clearer, truer story.

QINQO who provide a physical ‘App Store’ that sells apps in the form of premium prepaid cards per brand