Mobile Marketing

Mobile gives us a great chance to think again about content delivery and usability. Try using something like the Rightmove iPhone app and compare that to trying to use a web browser on any mobile device. There’s no comparison. The app is in a different league in terms of usability. This is what mobile internet is all about. It’s so simple your dear old Gran could use it – and that’s the holly grail of usability.

Last night I was sat in bed fiddling about with the new Amazon iPhone app. Just because I had a couple of minutes to spare before I nodded off. The iPhone was already serving as a clock radio and was playing an internet radio station to help me nod off.

Just think of the opportunities for targeting that that one scenario alone contains.

The device ‘knew’:

  • where I was geographically (due to the GPS)
  • what time of day it was
  • what I was doing – shopping online and listening to some relaxing tunes
  • What kind of mood I was in (based on music selection and browsing habits??)

That’s a pretty solid basis for delivering some really well targeted marketing messages – either by embedding advertising in digital radio, sponsoring content, creating comparable apps – or just by having your content available in a format that lends itself to this kind of easy, quick access via mobile devices.

How receptive would I potentially have been to messages about similar artists to the one I was listening to? Possibly a new, comfier mattress??

As it happens I ended up spending a few minutes updating my Amazon wish list, which I hadn’t looked at for some time – deleting a few items and buying several more that I’d forgotten about – adding up to reasonably serious and completely impromptu shopping trip!

And that’s the power of mobile marketing – giving true 24/7 access to your products and services – combined with the ability to deliver compelling, effective marketing messages with absolutely pin point accuracy.