Legal firm puts SMEs in the dock

Rather than watch passively as lawyers act out roles, owners of SMEs are actively involved in ‘cases’ by physically taking part in the mock tribunals.

So confident is Bibby Consulting & Support that these events will benefit businesses that the company is now offering a money back guarantee should anybody feel that the one-day course did not represent real value for money.

Managing Director Michael Slade said: “The number of tribunals may be dropping but for those people who find themselves having to defend a case brought against them by a disgruntled employee, the experience is still extremely intimidating and stressful.

“By putting company owners and managers in the dock, our mock tribunals help them to identify what can be done to improve the chances of success, teach them the most effective way to give evidence and enable them to pick up strategies and develop skills for coping.”

Those who attend the course will get hands-on experience of how to succeed under cross examination and receive personal feedback on how to build on their skills to improve as a witness. Other delegates will have the option to observe rather than be cross examined or to participate as tribunal panel members.