Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meets ambitious entrepreneurs in Brighton

Jeremy Corbyn

Entrepreneurial Spark, a social enterprise, which started out in 2011, is currently undergoing further UK-wide expansion having recently announced four more locations to open over the next 18 months – in London, Newcastle, Cardiff and Milton Keynes.

The Brighton Hatchery is amongst the latest additions to the entrepreneurial community that, by the start of 2017, will boast 13 UK locations equipping more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, or ‘Chiclets’, to be enabled every year.

Based on a model which breeds a more social engaged business, the free programme offers entrepreneurs free office space and facilities, support, advice and access to networking and funding opportunities with the help of partners NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG.

Entrepreneurial Spark CEO Jim Duffy said: “We’re delighted to have Jeremy Corbyn visit our Brighton Hatchery in one of his first engagements as Labour leader. It was great to be able to show him how Entrepreneurial Spark operates and demonstrate the profound impact it is having across our other UK Hatcheries.”

“Our vision is about inspiring positive social change through the action of Entrepreneuring. Our Hatchery spaces gives opportunity to all – anyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur. By providing them with support, and through our partnerships with NatWest, RBS and KPMG, Entrepreneurial Spark is helping make that a reality – it’s incredible to see the UK wide entrepreneurial revolution that’s happening.”

Photograph by Sam Stephenson