Heseltine confident that Cameron will be next PM

“Early in the year, I felt there were some people in the Conservative Party who simply hadn’t grasped the scale of the task of removing Brown from Downing Street,” Heseltine says. “Now everyone is focused, which is just as well. The party has to be eight points ahead just to have a majority of one.”

Heseltine, 77, who stepped down as executive Chairman of the Haymarket Media Group, the company he founded in the 1950’s at the start of this year, has been campaigning tirelessly for Cameron – turning out to support individual candidates, hosting a dinners for young supporters and writing newspaper articles.

“Nobody can be complacent. The stakes could not be higher. I hear people saying that the system is at fault, but I say to them, ‘Let’s see what the system delivers before we despair of it’. As I say, I am optimistic about this election.”

Heseltine, Cameron’s adviser on cities, is scornful of suggestions that he resents his party’s support for a high-speed rail link from London to Birmingham because it runs close to his estate in Northamptonshire. “I support the high-speed link and it doesn’t actually affect my home at all, but it does my son’s,” he says.

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