Her, the queer dating app for women, goes live across the U.S.


is a dating app that puts a strong focus on content, specifically curated for and dedicated to queer women, whether they’re bi-curious or as gay as a rainbow.

The app originally launched as Dattch, and offered a Pinterest-like feed of women in your local area. Users could update their profiles to include as many photos and text updates as they wanted, as opposed to a limit on pictures or bio length. Back then, the app had a content section with upcoming lesbian events and articles, but with the re-branding to Her, the app has put a much greater focus on the content feed.

Her was previously available in seven cities across the U.S., only activating those cities after a certain threshold of requests were reached per city. But founder Robyn Exton says that the app has seen triple the requests in the past two months than it was seeing before, with at least 5,000 requests in most cities across the country.

Exton believes this is part of what has increased demand for the app.

“All of the content on the feed is sharable, so girls who don’t have the app yet are still seeing articles and event postings, and ultimately heading to download the app,” said Exton.

Chairman of private equity company Audere Capital who saw Exton first pitch Daatch to investors at an Wayra event said of her success: “It was not hard to see that this business model was going to be able to gain such traction and success, Exton appeared at that early pitching event to have the perfect USP for her business and a drive and determination to match.”

Her was accepted into the current class of Y Combinator after receiving $1 million in funding from investors like Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan and Michael Birch.

Alongside nationwide availability in the United States, Her is also available in the UK and Ireland, and has plans to go live in other countries in the next few months.