Good start from Labour on EU, but status quo is not an option say BCC

“It is good news that Ed Miliband is at last addressing the question of Europe. Business will also be reassured by his desire to complete the single market in energy and services, which will promote greater competition across the European Union. His pledge to hold a referendum if there is a ‘transfer of powers’ to Brussels chimes well with business thinking – our recent survey said that only a quarter of firms surveyed believe that an ever closer union would benefit the UK.

“However businesses are worried about what the future holds. Stability is critical if they are to plan ahead and grow. There is a misconception in the public domain that the status quo is a valid option – it is not. The eurozone will continue to change rapidly and any new government in 2015 is going to have to tackle this issue head on, particularly if it leaves the rest of the EU, including the UK, on the outside looking in. Businesses want to stay within the European Union but with a renegotiated relationship that protects our business and economic interests, and it is imperative that whoever wins the election next year focuses on delivering the right relationship for the UK.”