Game On! New jobs to open up for young people

The employer-led organisation which delivers training solutions to the industry recently launched a successful bid to tap into the Government’s Future Jobs Fund, in response to young unemployment figures which are rapidly approaching a million.
The new jobs – the majority of which commence in January and February – are open to long-term unemployed young people and will guarantee training and employment for six months.  The National Skills Academy has worked with employers to ensure that as many of these jobs will lead to long-term careers in the sector.
For employers, the cost of training new employees and the first few months before they contribute to the business can be prohibitive.  The Future Jobs Fund allows employers to pay for the development of employees in the first crucial months and removes barriers to recruitment.  As a result, local communities will benefit from the delivery of these roles and the employers involved will be able to grow their businesses.
Florence Orban, CEO of the National Skills Academy for Sport and Active Leisure commented that “Our aim is to revolutionise our industry by staffing it with the best people with the best skills and training.  There is a huge, untapped talent pool of young, enthusiastic people who just need a chance – a foot in the door – and that is exactly what they will get with the programme.  The successful candidates will be those who want to learn and want to make a real contribution to their employer, industry and community”.
Employers who will be offering jobs through the Future Jobs Fund include Premier Sport, Fit for Sport, The Amateur Swimming Association, The Amateur Boxing Association of England and Transforming A Generation (TAG)
Partners who have supported the National Skills Academy’s bid include: SkillsActive, Sport England, sports coach UK, Sports Leaders UK and a large number of community sports organisations.
To find out about the Future Jobs Fund roles available through the National Skills Academy please visit: