So, how do i choose a trainer?

If you are tied to a rigid budget and timescales, choosing
your training provider can be hard work. There are lots of companies out there,
all offering variations on a theme, but how do you know which is going to be
best for you and your company?

If you approach a smaller training provider, the chances are
that you will have a successful training relationship. There’s nothing wrong
with using the bigger companies and well known names, but small training
providers have distinct advantages. The chain of command is smaller, therefore
decisions are likely to be made more quickly. You are more likely to speak to
the person you need on the first call and have time to speak to the trainers.
It’s also nice to be on a first name basis with your potential trainers quickly,
and in return you get flexibility and understanding of the issues you face.
There are some great, global training providers out there, but perhaps it’s the
close relationship of a smaller company that you need.

Always check out your potential new supplier. That may seem
obvious but you want to know that they are capable of delivering your
requirements. Ask if they have experience in the area of delivery that you need
and they should be able to offer proof.

Always ask what is included in the services that the
training providers offer. For instance, follow up support is usually part of
the package, but there is a time limit to this; if post course support is
offered for one month following the training delivery date, this is fairly
standard and does need to be adhered to from the client’s point of view.
Training manuals may be an extra or bundled into the price. Ask for
clarification on this and see how it fits into your budget.

Ask if you can meet the trainer. A good trainer will always
be able to find out from you what your current challenges are and be able to
come up with a solution to help you meet them. If a meeting is not possible,
then at least enough telephone contact that you can work together on your
training needs will be helpful.

Samples of training materials are useful in assessing a
provider. Be aware though that some training providers have been stung by
handing materials over to potential clients, only to have course discussions
stop and their materials used in house. So a sample is often all you are likely
to get; however, a good training provider can tailor training documentation to
your requirements.

Whatever provider you choose, whether a well known name or a
smaller business, ensure you would be happy to work with them more than once
and that there is flexibility and understanding between you and you will have a
productive relationship.