Car parts factory in Wales to close as UK manufacturing declines


Car parts company, Hi-Lex Cable System based in Port Talbot, South Wales has announced they are to close costing 125 jobs.

The Port Talbot company manufactures door and window car parts for Honda and Ford. The company has told their employees the company will close in 2021 as they have experienced a “significant reduction in sales” as Honda is to close the same year.

Hi-Lex said in a letter on Monday, “At a meeting held in Takarazuka, Japan, on October 12, the board of directors of Hi-Lex Corporation discussed and agreed a restructure of its operations in Europe.

“As a result of the discussion, the decision was taken to close the Hi-Lex Cable System Co. Ltd facility in Port Talbot, South Wales, in 2021 with all its remaining business to be transferred to the Hi-Lex facility located in Retsag, Hungary.

“Hi-Lex Corporation regrets the need for the decision to restructure its operations, but it is based solely upon a significant reduction in the sales forecast at HCS (Hi-Lex Cable System), from 2021 onwards.

“Hi-Lex will now contact all of our supply chain partners to discuss and agree plans to meet the needs of our customers up to the closure of the HCS facility.”

The company does not expect any redundancies in the next 12 months.

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