Businesses Urged To Be Part Of National Export Survey

The Institute of Export (IOE), in conjunction with Trade and Export Finance Limited, is calling on businesses trading internationally to take part in a national survey which will measure confidence, issues and current trends affecting the export industry. The survey builds up a clear evaluation of the UK’s export market which is then used by Government, the Bank of England and other UK policymakers to shape and influence future government policy.

Exporting has been consistently cited by Government as a vital element in the UK’s recovery, creating skilled jobs and boosting the national economy. The survey will provide an invaluable benchmark against which to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives to kick-start international trade.

Lesley Batchelor, director general Institute of Export, said: “We anticipate that the survey will reveal vital information about the state of the UK’s export industry and how changes in both the national and global economy are impacting our exporters.

“Historically these surveys have provided a fascinating snapshot of the attitudes of exporters. For example the 2001 results revealed that the vast majority of exporters were largely in favour of joining the Euro, while 50 per cent expressed concerns about the impact on their business of China joining the World Trade Organisation. It will be interesting to see how the recession has influenced changes in attitude towards historical issues and new challenges.”

Businesses can access the survey here:

Participants are eligible to be entered into a draw to win weekends away and cases of wine, among other rewards.