Britons that get up before 7am earn £15,000 more

unmade bed

Early birds really do catch the worm, according to a new study showing a correlation between getting out of bed before 7am and earning £15,000 a year more than later risers.

Hillarys commissioned the poll to investigate whether waking earlier is worth it.

First, respondents were asked if they got up before or after 7am on the average morning, to which the majority rose at 7am or later, while the remaining 37 per cent of respondents got up before 7am.

All respondents were then asked to share details about their lives to see if there were any trends among early and late risers. When asked ‘How much do you earn, per year?’ the average late riser stated £21,300 while the average early riser earned £36,500. Early risers had also held a higher number of jobs, with the average answer standing at 11 compared to just five for those that slept in longer.

All those that got up before 7am were asked to share what they did first thing in the morning. The majority stated ‘work-related tasks’, followed by those that used their time to ‘work out’ or ‘prepare food’. One in ten of the early risers got up early to plan their outfit.

Finally, the team looked at all those who stated that they rose before 7am, to find out what regions they were from and identify any geographical trends.

Helen Turnbull, spokesperson for Hillarys, says: “In most cases, you get out of life what you put into it and getting up earlier gives you more time to achieve during the day. So these findings really highlight the fact that if you want to earn more then you’ll have to produce more.“