Brexit vote saw British export spike says entrepreneur

Fitness entrepreneur Robert Parker has said he is not worried by Brexit after seeing export growth at a business he set up in a spare bedroom rocket by 50 per cent since the vote to leave.

Parker, 32, spotted a gap in the market to launch his Roar Ambition fitness business selling supplements and video workout guides.

Despite being established in a spare room of his home in Leeds he already has a £1.5million turnover which he attributes to Brexit making it easier to trade overseas.

His largest export markets include the US, Australia, and Canada, with 75 per cent of products sold outside the EU.

However, he insists trade is also booming in France and Germany.

He said: “Above anything, research your market. You have to investigate the countries that you’re going to enter. How much of a demand is there in that country for your product?

“Is the market already crowded? If the market is crowded, what are you going to offer that is different? We sell direct to the customer, so for us, delivery has to be fast, hassle-free and affordable for the customer. Setting up those logistics takes time. It is trial and error for each country.

“It is vital to ensure that your product complies with all the laws and regulations of the countries with which you trade, otherwise you may be missing out on a huge market.”

Meanwhile, the full range of British exports to the world outside the EU emerged yesterday with wine, chocolate, flowers and TV shows all bringing in cash from overseas.

Chocolate alone accounted for £668million of sales, up nine per cent from 2016, said the Department for International Trade.

Exports of British flowers doubled to £39million – including a 124 per cent rise in sales outside Europe since 2016.

British wines are also on the march with their exports rising by 15 per cent to £554million last year, including £195million imported by Hong Kong alone.

Overall total UK exports rose 11.3 per cent or £62billion to £617billion last year compared with 2016.