The importance of writing well

Currently, we live in a world where technology and communication are closely related.

Thanks to the various advances, we have been able to break the barriers of distance and time, being able to communicate instantaneously and without borders.

It is common for us to be in the university and be able to talk on WhatsApp with someone who is thousands of kilometers away, or send photos and documents with just a couple of clicks. However, all these advances have brought some associated problems, such as the loss of formality, writing and correct spelling. The disciples of today are experiencing what is called a decrease in writing ability.

In our hurry to send messages quickly we abbreviate words, include symbols or emoticons and even omit all punctuation marks. We believe that the receiver will be able to understand perfectly what we want to say, but often the mistakes we make lend themselves to ambiguities and misunderstandings. Now, the problem is that we not only use this new way of communicating with our friends or relatives, but we have also lost the formality in our school, university and professional work. Technological advancements ensure fast data transfers, causing many errors and neglect of how a paper should be created. The rhythm of life that accelerates day by day makes the ability of the students in general declining, at least in comparison with previous generations.

It seems that we no longer know how to write well and we forget that our letter of introduction is often an email written by us or our curriculum vitae. We can’t even write a letter correctly, because we have lost the techniques and skills for it. We must know how to read to know how to write, how to write so we can know how to think in order to express ourselves and connect with the rest. If we can unite all this knowledge, we can relate properly. There is an important difference between those who write well or badly.

In the world of education, reading and writing play the most important role and from both aspects the transfer of knowledge can be achieved. For students, there are several types of papers that are mandatory, one of which is the essay. Essay is a paper that is considered capable of describing the level of one’s intelligence (the author of the essay). By essay writers will be able to share ideas or opinions about a phenomenon that really happened or has happened somewhere and time.

For most universities in the West, essays are what is used to determine whether a person is worthy of graduation or not. Therefore, essays have a more important role than other types of writing. In modern education, the Internet is the best source for information and networking between computers is proving to revolutionize how students learn especially how they create papers.

They (the students) can seek help for their essay from the Internet. Just by typing a few keywords they can find what they are looking for. If you are one of them and you really want to improve your capability (in writing), any information about essays will be useful for you. You can find special guides for essay making just typing in some keywords like “essay writing services”, “essay help”, “writing services” and so on.

Hopefully by reading this article we hope you can realize that writing well should not be ignored. The advancement of the times triggered by technological developments should not “blunt” our ability to read and write, the two basic skills that are the main pillars of education.