1 in 5 Brits will shop for Black Friday deals from their loo

shopping on loo

Nearly a fifth of shoppers will browse for deals from the comfort of their bathroom this Black Friday.

That’s according to new research which explores the strange places that consumers will shop from when on their smartphones.

The research, which surveyed 1000 consumers, found that 50% of women will shop from their bed this Black Friday, compared to just 29% of men. Over a fifth of Brits will be shopping for deals while at work, while 21% expect that they will shop on public transport.

These findings highlight that consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping more than ever before, allowing them to make purchases in a variety of settings. Given these varied settings, brands have to work much harder to understand the mindsets their customers are shopping in and to predict their behaviour.

Commenting on these findings, Liraz Margalit, Retail Psychologist at Clicktale said, “This Black Friday will be a truly mobile-first event, with shoppers browsing for deals in a whole host of different locations. While this is great news for those retailers that have a strong mobile offering, it also comes with a number of challenges.

“The environments that surround us when we shop can alter our decision making, and ultimately impact what it is we want to buy. If somebody is shopping at work, they will likely be in a completely different frame of mind than if they were shopping at home. This makes it harder than ever for brands to ensure customers have a positive, and stress-free experience when they shop.

“Some retailers are overcoming this through the use of experience analytics – analyzing clicks, taps, hovers and scrolls to work out what sort of mood their customers are in as they shop. Using this technology, retailers can develop an understanding of their customers’ emotions and tailor their experiences to match.”