Twitter to let verified users switch off abuse with new ‘quality feature’

Verified users will be given a “quality filter” — a switch that can be turned on and will filter out abusive tweets and other problem notifications. The feature is being steadily rolled out, so that many verified users still don’t have access to the tool, and the site has not said whether it is on the way for non-verified users according to Techcrunch.

The tool isn’t entirely new, but builds on a previous feature that verified users had called “tailored filtering”, which tried to work out who users most wanted to see notifications from based on who they interacted with. But the filter extends that functionality to all forms of notification, and comes in the context of increased concern about how Twitter is working to crack down on abuse on its platform.

Twitter has rolled out a number of new features after CEO Dick Costello admitted to staff that “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls”. It has added features to allow users to more easily report abuse, and has committed to acting more quickly to shut down users that do so.