Make the most of social media

Getting your message and brand out there is free but not easy and it’s not just a case of posting links and advertisements. So how can small businesses make the most of social media to grow their businesses?

Here we have our five top tips.

Be loyal. Look for quality followers over quantity; there are plenty of companies out there that promise thousands of followers but what’s the point if they are fake or not interested in your company or product? Think of your social media relationships the same way you would real life friendships. Put the time and effort in to engage with your audience, they can provide valuable feedback are more likely to share your message.

Plan in advance. There are plenty of ways to schedule social media posts but to help you on your way think ahead. At which times of year is your business or product most relevant? What could you do over the festive period?

Is there a specific niche day or week that is relevant to your business? Ignore these periods are your missing out on a great opportunity to get your product and business out there.

Running competitions that tie in with these days or holidays is a simple way to engage with your audience and gain a larger following.

Get Involved. Don’t think that merely posting links to your website or products is enough. The same with statements get involved and engage with your followers, set up a quiz, Q&A or completion. Give your followers a reason to engage with you. Wit and charm also help!

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use content that you already have and use the voice and comments of your followers. It’ll be easier in the long run and cut down on your workload.

Don’t dawdle. In the unfortunate situation that you get less than positive feedback make sure you react quickly and respond. Not only is it good customer service but also it gives you another chance to build relationships with your customers and followers. On top of that it creates a positive and proactive image of your business.

You don’t need a huge marketing budget or social media department to succeed so get on with and get started!

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