How to get followers on TikTok – The complete guide

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Social media offers access to great audiences, but reaching a million people is still a challenge that requires a huge amount of creativity, effort, and planning.

Many social platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, can aid you to become an online celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers, but to make your dream a reality, you must get many free followers so that you can be ahead of the competition. Currently, TikTok, formerly known as, has gained immense popularity, even from actors, singers, and socialites. Thus, it is crucial to board this outlet and obtain followers. There are many marketing strategies you can utilize to acquire TikTok followers.

Use the “Follow, Unfollow” method

This technique is a simple and effective approach to catch the attention of the most influential users in TikTok. First, you must identify the most successful TikTokers in your preferred niche and follow them. Second, you can commence interacting with their videos and commenting on them in their profiles. If you post ingenious and clever comments, other users will upvote your comment and even reply to you. This can cause you to obtain extra TikTok followers along the way.

Finally, you must unfollow said influential Tiktoker and refollow them multiple times. How does this help? When you refollow a TikTok, you appear higher on his “Followers” tab, therefore increasing the probability of more users viewing your profile. If you offer relevant content, they will follow you as well. Additionally, the famous TIkToker may follow if your comments become the most favorite ones in their profiles.

Make a dynamic and hard-hitting Profile

Every detail matters when it comes to enhancing your profile. Your profile picture, username, and personal information can induce a notable impression on the users that visit your profile. A long username that is difficult to remember can impair from getting recognition, primarily because most of your potential TikTok followers will forget shortly after they view it. Thus, you must choose a short and ingenious username that shines from the rest and try to use the same username on your social media outlets.
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In regard to your content, it is highly advised to post upcoming events or videos that you will do to invite people to follow you or to catch their attention. For example, if your niche is based on fitness, you can inform people about a new workout you are designing and will launch in the next days. This way, the users are aware and pursue your forthcoming videos.

The basic information displayed in your profile may be a passive means to get followers for TikTok.  If you write peculiar annotations or characteristics that set you apart or that they are able to relate to can increase your follow rate. Sometimes, adding a country flag depicting your nationality can be a motor to get recognition. For example, if you are Colombian and place your flag, other Colombians will identify you as “family” because showing patriotism deters personality and character. Just be original and innovative!

Participate in Viral Challenges

Engaging in the latest trends is crucial due to the fact that you are able to view what different kinds of content are popular at the moment. Some viral challenges, like the “Don’t Start Now” challenge, involve dancing a popular song, which makes them an excellent option to create new content dedicated to different niches. Participating in these trials show different sides of your persona, appealing to more people. On occasion, it is not even necessary to participate directly in them. For example, if you are not keen on dancing in a video, you can simply employ the song in the next video so users can resonate with you and your content.

The value of hashtags is another aspect relevant to viral challenges. Videos shared in your profile that contains trending hashtags will make them visible to millions of people, thus boosting your TikTok followers drastically for just a few days. Keep in mind that engaging in these challenges can help you explore a different niche or expand your musical genre to areas you are not accustomed to. It can help you create a brand that extends your fanbase.

Connect to Other Social Media

Do not restrict yourself to a single social media account because you will miss out on the potential audience available on those platforms, like Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. Statistics reveal that Facebook has two million active users monthly and Youtube’s revenue was recently established to fifteen billion dollars in 2019. Connecting your other social profiles is a great method on how to get followers on TikTok.

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Handling various social platforms with the same username can also be an effective path to construct your online reputation because you can post videos, informing people that they can subscribe to your channel or add you on Instagram. On the other hand, users can recall your username in TikTok and search on another and follow you. Additionally, you can diversify your content by using different accounts.

Collaborate with Others

Running solo may not yield good results, especially if you are new to the world of Tik Tok. Filming a duet with a friend who is as creative as you or create a collaboration video can have a positive feed in relation to your Tik Tok followers. It is important to team up with users that have the same drive as you to create exceptional content.

Be careful not to get cooperate with users that have different passions as you because it is irrational to team up with someone who does fashion tips while you are prominent in comedy videos.

Ron Shapiro, founder of Shapiro Negotiations Institute, shares his thoughts on growing your TikTok following: “Collaboration is key to expanding your reach on TikTok. Just as enhancing sales performance with Shapiro’s sales enablement requires strategic partnerships, teaming up with like-minded creators can significantly boost your follower count. Creating duets or collaboration videos with users who share your passion ensures that the content resonates with both audiences, fostering organic growth and engagement.”

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Certain videos can be created with a duet option so people all around the world can film their videos with yours, boosting even further your audience.

Be Authentic!

This may be the most important thing you can do to establish yourself in TikTok. People love ingenuity, humbleness, and originality. Some people become viral because of the spontaneity behind them or because it shows how you really are in your everyday life. People love viewing content where you play with your friends, inform certain events that occur in your life or simply pouring certain emotions you are feeling at that moment. It appeals to our humane side and leads to empathy. Therefore, it is essential to be yourself and do not try to portray someone you are not.

The question “how to get followers on TikTok?” can be easily answered if you follow this advice. So, go on and become an online influencer!

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