How to network like a pro at your next conference

Networking is an inseparable part of your life as a professional.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee working in a particular industry, meeting new people, connecting with industry experts, and expanding your network are crucial for your future.

Networking is an ongoing thing, but you get more opportunities to expand your network during conferences and industry-related events. When you are attending a conference, there are certain things you can do to further enhance your network like a pro. We are going to review some of the networking strategies you can employ in this article.

Set Up Your Presence

Many conferences allow corporations and businesses to set up their own corners and showcase their products. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss since it allows you to get a head start with your networking efforts. This isn’t just good for the business; it also helps set up your presence in a more prominent way.

There are a number of things you want to prepare if you are getting a dedicated area. Roller banners like these are great to display key information for other attendees to see, or even just to make finding you a little simpler. You can go a step further and use exhibition stands to achieve a greater effect.

Be Interested in Others

While the goal of doing networking is to expand your professional and business network, the best way to achieve that goal is by showing interest in others. You can’t expect people to come to you. You will have to explore the conference to find interesting people to connect with.

Prepare a bundle of business cards and explore the venue for opportunities to connect with others. If there are many stands and booths, take the time to visit them and learn more about other industry players. Don’t just visit the stands to introduce yourself; again, you need to be genuinely interested in others to get others interested in you.

You’ll be surprised by how many new opportunities you can discover when you really take the time to get to know other businesses and industry players. Companies that you thought were rivals can easily turn into partners in the future.


The temptation when doing networking is to climb the professional ladder and only connect with industry leaders. This isn’t a bad approach to take, but there is a better way to expand your network effectively: diversification.

Don’t worry about whether you can capitaliseon the new connections you make during a conference. That is not the point of networking at all. The focus should always be connecting with people that share the same interests.

Diversification is also the reason why you need to consider attending events that aren’t always industry-related. General commerce events, business owner gatherings, and other networking opportunities are just as interesting to explore as your next conference.

Follow Up

One thing to avoid when doing networking at a conference is not following up on the leads you receive. Reaching out doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You can send an email thanking the person for the pleasant conversation you had during the conference.

Include details about the meeting and the circumstances of that meeting. Small details add that extra personal touch that really strengthens the relationship you’re trying to build. Again, be genuine inyour efforts to create a lasting impression.

Now that you have these strategies in mind, networking should not be as difficult as you imagine. All you have to do now is prepare for your next conference and utilise the tips we covered in this article to help you expand your professional network successfully.