4 Things Your Customers Don’t Want

Every second of every day, a salesperson somewhere in the world is giving a customer something that the customer simply does not want. When this happens, it’s always because the salesperson doesn’t know the following four facts:

1. Customers Don’t Want More Information.

Your customers already know more about your product category than they really want to know. Pick any product category and you’ll find its customer base is drowning in a sea of information.

What do customer want instead? Simplicity rather than more complexity.

2. Customers Don’t Want To Be Challenged.

Customers already face plenty of challenges. They don’t want you to create new ones, especially if you’re just reframing existing challenges to fit whatever solution you’re selling.

What do customers want instead? Your help rather than more stuff to worry about.

3. Customers Don’t Want Your Opinion.

You may deeply believe that your company is fabulous, your products are wonderful and your service unparalleled. But your customers don’t care what you feel or how you view your industry.

What do customer want instead? Real proof rather than empty promises.

4. Customers Don’t Want You To Sell To Them.

While your customers know that your job is to sell, they resent it whenever if feels as if you’re trying to sell them something. They stop listening the second you sound like “just another salesperson.”

What do customers want instead? They want to buy rather than to be sold to.