How to market a company in an industry that has a bad reputation

marketing a company

Unfortunately, certain businesses exist in industries that have a bad reputation and this can get in the way of successfully marketing your brand and online presence.

In the face of criticism and bad publicity, many business owners will take the view that doing nothing to manage the reputation they might become associated with will be sufficient enough to protect them. However, avoiding the subject and hoping that it disappears isn’t going to manage how your brand comes across to the public.

So, what other approach is there? Complaints or negative online reviews about a particular industry can damage individual businesses within it, but they can also be something that you use to promote how you differ to the others, increasing your chances of earning your business a positive reputation.

Just because other businesses in your industry are receiving bad reviews or negative press, it doesn’t mean that you have to as well. Showing how you differ or offer a better service than other businesses can help you build a stronger relationship with your clientele and encourage people to use your product or service.

It’s well known amongst many businesses that a satisfied customer will tell five people about a positive experience, yet a dissatisfied customer will tell at least ten people about what happened to them.

So, while customers might be telling their friends and family how bad a similar business is, if you show them that you can get it right, they’ll end up telling everyone how great you are. It’s important to remember that a dissatisfied customer whose opinion of a business was turned around could end up telling everyone they talk that week all about it.

The team at Cam N Climaxxx have first-hand experience when it comes to running a business in an industry that regularly receives negativity. So, they have come together to give five tips on how to market a company within an industry that has a bad reputation.

Acknowledge the nature of the industry

If you’re running a business in the porn industry, for example, there’s no point denying the reputation that that industry has. Once you’ve acknowledged this, you can then show how your business is different and how it stands out from the rest, for the better.

Check your branding

If it seems that your business has become too closely associated with others in your industry that are known for having a bad reputation, it might be time to go back to the drawing board. Thinking about how your image can be made more positive and appeal to a wider audience will ensure that you stand out for the right reasons.

Show don’t tell

It’s all very well posting on social media about how you differ from others in your industry, but it’s essential that you show people how and why. You could do this by interacting with your clients online by replying to comments, sharing positive reviews on your website’s blog or getting published in relevant publications, directly targeting the audience you want to impress.

Think outside the box

If an industry has a bad reputation, it’s usually because there are things associated with it that constantly occur and put people off. Maybe the businesses around you all market themselves in the same way and if you can see that it’s not working for them, think about how you can differ. For example, porn marketing might be associated with something seedy, but it can be used to talk about wider topics, like sexuality and women’s rights.

Be patient

Building up a positive reputation can take time, but it will be worth it. Don’t be tempted to fall into PR stunts or marketing that isn’t appropriate to your audience just to attract attention.