Importance of indexing your web page in Google


In fact, most of the traffic generated by a website comes from search engine results, especially Google, which passes more than 90 per cent of Internet traffic.

This is why making your page appear as a part of Google results is very important. Making your page appear on search engine search results is called indexing. When you successfully index, the result you get will be more traffic and whenever you post any new content, it will be discovered more quickly. Sometimes, this job is difficult enough so that you need good link indexing services.

How if you have not managed the indexing process?

If you have not managed to index your webpage on Google, then it will not appear in the search results. Sometimes it is possible that your site is badly indexed in Google. This means that, for example, the search engine offers results to the home page of your site, but does not show results related to other pages.

How to solve the problems

To solve them, it is necessary to make sure your Googlebot will always visit and index your site. The “person” in charge of tracking and indexing the new sites is the Googlebot, this is a tracking robot created by the company.

How Google indexes my webpage

How does Googlebot work? This performs an algorithmic tracking, with a certain frequency, starting with the sites that were generated in the past tracking processes and taking into account the sitemaps (or site maps) created by the webmasters. When you visit these pages, you will be able to detect the SRC and HREF links, adding them to the list of pages you should visit.

The result of this process is that the new internet pages are detected, as well as the updates in which they existed from before and the problems with the obsolete links. It also analyzes the quality of the content, the number of words that a page contains, the location of those words and the labels of the titles, among other things.

Can you speed up the process to index your webpage on Google?

Then, to be able to index your website to Google you will have to wait for the Googlebot to detect it and include it. This is a process that can take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Can anything be done to make this happen as quickly as possible? The answer is yes. I tell you how to do it:

Send the sitemap to Google

As I mentioned before, the site map is essential in the Googlebot tracking process; and basically it is an XML document, which is included in the server of the web page, and contains a list of each of the pages that make up your site. Through the Google site map you can know when you add new pages. The more you update your site, the more often the Googlebot will visit your website to check for updates. Then, it is not only important to have a site map, but also to keep it updated.

Once your page has the site map, you can add it to Google Webmaster Tools. To do this you will need to have a Google account. The process is simple, first you must add the new site to the Webmaster Tools, and then go to Trace and choose the option maps of the site (or sitemaps). There you just need to add the link and that’s it.

Add the URL to search engines

As you register the site the Google Webmaster Tools you must do the same with the tools for webmaster of other search engines, such as: Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Social networks

In addition to site maps, links are the second thing that the Googlebot analyzes and a way to get them quickly is through the profiles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube). It may also be useful to add the link to the new site in existing profiles.