Ignore complaints by social media at your peril

Customer service expert Mario Dolcezza says that social media is a simple way for consumers to share their service displeasures with the wider virtual community.

He explained: “Currently many firms have left social media to their marketing and PR departments and have not realised its potential with regards customer service.

“Social media is an invaluable customer engagement tool and an excellent means of securing meaningful customer feedback and vastly improving a company’s reputation.”

Diciamo is next month launching a new solution for managing customer feedback left on social media to meet client demand and Mario is hosting a live Twitter event on Tuesday, April 24 from 11am to help answer people’s queries on this topic.

Mario continued: “Few Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions offer effective social media integration and lack the monitoring, engagement and social CRM features that customer service teams need. And many of the newly emerging sCRM systems don’t integrate effectively with existing systems.

“Currently customer service teams are measured mostly by the number of queries they answer and the time they spend on them. Adding a new channel may not be something they really want to take on for various reasons. But our Your Impressions software can easily deal with these issues and even allows store managers at a local level the opportunity to view and deal with queries if required.