How YouTube views can rapidly promote your channel

How YouTube Views Can Rapidly Promote Your Channel

YouTube is one of the most dynamic social platforms. An enormous number of users visit this social network every day.

The number of videos that are uploaded on YouTube is also hard to name. The YouTube community embraces practically all topics that are discussed in the world. So one of the most frequently asked questions is how to promote your channel quickly and effectively. Well, one of the things that a blogger has to count in is gaining YouTube views. Here we are going to tell you, why are they so important and how you can gross a bigger quantity of them.

Why do you need views

The necessity to gain as many views as possible can be explained by the principles of YouTube’s algorithms. Shortly, these algorithms are gathering data from the most important statistics – e.g. likes, comments, and views. Then the program processes all the data it obtained and gives out the results as the YouTube Suggestions, Recommendations and Popular videos. So the number of views is vital for the growth of your channel as it is one of the key statistics that YouTube relies on. Earning more views on YouTube gives a certain guarantee that your videos will appear as a suggested content for more people, thus providing new fresh views.

For business profiles many views means many purchases. Sometimes a customer won’t notice how many subscribers you have on your YouTube channel, but he will definitely see a 1000 views of a video about your product, and this factor can help him to make the right decision. And, of course, bring you better YouTube stats for further promotion.

So now it is pretty obvious why you need more views. And the next question that appears is how do you get these views? Let’s look through the most effective ways for grossing views.

Make a worthy content

Rule #1 for everyone who wants to become popular on YouTube. There are three main principles that define a good video – it has to be informative, entertaining, or educational. As a matter of fact, it is even better to combine these principles in any way you like. Let’s look closer to them:

  • Information. YouTube has changed the fate of traditional TV, and nowadays users prefer to keep up with news online. Using this social platform, people can not only get a quick update on what is going on in the world around them, but to compare and analyze information from different sources. This provides a better understanding of the situation and helps to build strong independent opinions.
  • Entertainment. This is the first thing that people want to see online. Watching a funny video with kittens, new viral memes, or just a bunch of FailArmy reels relieves us from daily stress, helps to connect with friends and just have some fun on Sunday afternoon.
  • Education. YouTube is a reformational social platform because it helps people to get new skills. Many artisans are sharing their skills online, becoming well-respected teachers for thousands of people. How-to videos are the hottest content, and this tendency doesn’t seem to change.

Create playlists

People are lazy beings and this becomes your advantage when it comes to getting more views. Playlists can easily multiply an occasional view, as the process of transition to the next video doesn’t need a single motion of a mouse. Well, of course these videos all have to be engaging and well-shot, or else viewers will find strength to close your profile.

Cross-platform promotion

Also an effective method to generate some traffic (which enhances your rankings on YouTube) and bring some fresh eyes to your content. Encourage your followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see what’s new on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to add links to your channel, so people won’t need to look for it in the depths of social media.

Optimise your texts

A little SEO research is a must-do for any blogger who wishes for fame online. In fact, YouTube is a giant search engine and it categorizes content to analyze the metadata. To embrace the work of these algorithms, make sure that your Titles and Video descriptions have keywords that are relevant to your niche. Doing this will make your content easier to find and provide views. So you have to choose a niche and think about what are the most popular searching words for it.

For example, you want to start a beauty blog. So the first words that come to mind are “Makeup”, “Beauty”, and without any doubt, “Tutorial” (remember the Education paragraph). These are correct keywords for your niche and adding them to your descriptions and titles will increase the chance of your channel being noticed by the community.

Tip: always check what your competitors are writing in descriptions and titles. Don’t steal their content ideas, but totally use them for inspiration and understanding of what your potential audience reacts better to.

Get in touch with your audience

People like active bloggers, who communicate openly with their viewers. So it is one of the proven methods to increase your stats. The key tips for a nice communication are:

  • Be polite and reply to the comments under your video
  • Ask your viewers directly, what they want to see from you
  • Make reaction videos and reviews of things that are interesting to your audience, even if it is not the purpose of your channel
  • Remember that tolerance is the main course of the modern world
  • Collaborate with other bloggers on your niche. YouTube is a friendly community and there will be enough views for everyone
  • Make friends with your most active subscribers and make them a helping tool in your promotion strategy
  • Be ready for critique and do not overreact to it. You have to learn how to differ trolling from an advice
  • Run a contest or giveaway with your viewers

The conclusion

Gaining many views on YouTube is important for the growth of your channel. But you have to keep in mind that promotion on this social platform is complex and requires not only a big number of views, but maintaining other statistics as well. It can work only if you have a good plan. First of all you have to create something new, even though it can be hard to squeeze in the most popular topics. Count in the tips given above and develop your own tactic to attract and retain more viewers.

It seems to be complicated, but all these efforts will be repaid as soon as you see the first result of your work. So good luck and have fun!