How you can unlock your future career with your writing skills


Is writing something you’ve always struggled with? Or does it come naturally to you?

Regardless of which camp you fall into, we could all benefit from working on our writing and language skills a little more. Especially if you want to excel in your career and take things to the next level.

Writing is an effective communication tool that we’re relying on more and more in this digitised world of ours. Can you successfully convey the tone of a formal email? Can you get your point across quickly and efficiently without wasting time or resources? Good writing and language skills can put you at the forefront of any job application or potential promotion, so read on for why good writing skills can unlock your future career.

You can build on your credibility

Being a reliable and trustworthy team member at work goes a long way. Sadly, when people indulge in plagiarism and directly copy the work of others to pass off as their own, they run the risk of damaging their own reputation and that of the company they’re working for. Check out for the latest in plagiarism checking software.  By working on your writing skills, you can build on your own credibility as someone who produces genuine, credible content.

You’ll have an eye for detail

When you’re meticulous with your writing, dedicate time to building on your skills and take pride in what you’re producing – you’re more likely to pick up on mistakes and you will develop an eye for detail. From checking the email recipient before it goes to the wrong inbox, to noticing grammar and spelling errors in materials being sent out to potential clients. Spotting these tiny details will help build your reputation as a crucial member of your team.

Strong grammar skills look good

In a professional email, if the sender has mixed up their, there and they’re, it creates negative connotations. Did they bother to proofread? Do they even care? If they’re not confident with basic grammar, then what else should you be concerned about? We all make mistakes, but if that mistake could cost the company a client, it’s suddenly a much bigger deal. If you work on your writing skills and build on your grammar then you’ll always have the professional edge, making you a much better candidate for a promotion.

You’ll be a better communicator

From clients to fellow employees, employer and potential career networks, the better your writing skills the better your communication skills. Being able to craft, highly polished messages makes you stand out!