How to make data driven SEO decisions


Imagine for a quick minute that you’re in charge of running a website. Now, you’re faced with the dilemma as to how you can rise above the competition in a fast-paced, highly technical world.

To stay afloat, the minimum standard dictates compliance with Search Engine Optimization strategies. Once you start from there, everything else seems to follow through effortlessly, as you’ll already know how to go about with all the decisions when it comes to running your website.

That said, here are pointers on how you can make better data-driven SEO decisions:

Explore your local competition

SEO is also about understanding the position of all other websites surrounding yours. With thousands of websites on the Internet, you should be made aware that the competition is tough. Thus, it’s important to be aware of their existence by studying them.

In studying the competition, it’s best to focus on the local competition. This refers to those websites that are also serving the same target market as you are. The reason why you need to focus on them is because you have the same niche – selling the same or similar products and services.

For example, take the time to study the average cost per click per website on the niche that you belong to in your specific region. Through this data, you can analyze the advertising cost and the search volumes in your region. Here, you can narrow down as to whether or not your website falls within the search volume of those Internet users browsing daily. With that information, you can also better understand the demand for your products and services in your locality.

Understand more about exploring your local competition from an expert himself, like Matthew Woodward. His Surfer SEO review and case study tutorial can help you have a better grip on this matter. 

Focusing on web analytics

Web analytics isn’t just there without any reason. It’s still one of the most effective metrics for you to check as to how you’re performing on the Internet.

A good analytics strategy can save you money and time in the long run It also increases your clicks, leads, brand reach, and returning visitors. Without focusing on web analytics, you’re merely making decisions that aren’t founded on useful data.

Rather than pushing you up higher on the competitive scale of competition among other websites, you’re only going to drown even lower. An excellent place to start with analytics will always be Google Analytics.

Analyze your competitors’ keywords

Keywords may also seem like a redundant term to remember when talking about Search Engine Optimization, but it’s also still one of the most relevant. Those looking to improve their website’s content can do no wrong with focusing on keywords.

An excellent way to begin is through analyzing and studying the keywords that your competitors are using. That way, you’re not just using keywords that you can see anywhere. By analyzing your competitors’ keywords, you’re certain that you’re using keywords that are effective in putting your website up through higher rankings.

Here are other good reasons why you should analyze your competitor’s keywords:

  • You have better awareness as to branded terms that are going to make you rank higher
  • You can build website credibility

Always have a plan B

When you have a plan A, test it out. If it fails, have a plan B. The point is to test all of your strategies, such that you always have an alternative. You don’t want to be stuck with an SEO decision that’s just going to fail, and you’ve got no other way of turning back.


With a plan B and testing practice, you’re also giving your website’s visitors, which in turn are your consumers, a chance to reveal what it is they want to read and see from you. That way, you can better tweak your strategies to make it match what it is your customers want. This ensures that all your efforts will not be futile.

Increase your target market with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is also one of the most reputable and effective ways for any website to manage their ad and define their target. This may also be done without even having to go over budget.

With digital marketing, one of the essential pointers to remember is to go for precisely targeted advertisements. This enables your site to rise in rank and stand out from all other websites.

Benefits associated with using Google AdWords include:

  • Its reach can be better measured
  • It’s a more targeted form of advertisement, compared with traditional ads
  • Its click-through-rate can be better measured


Knowing how to make data-driven SEO decisions means that you’ve understood your responsibilities.

There’s no hard and fast way to make it well and big in the competitive world of digital marketing. But, you can never go wrong with starting from the core, that is, by basing your decisions on Search Engine Optimization techniques.

With these tips, now you’ll finally know how and where to get started.