Creating a podcast could be a winner

podcast recording

Have you ever considered creating a Podcast. Because if you are in business and looking for a smart way to reach out to a large number of prospective customers for only a small outlay then creating a podcast just might a good option.

Not so long ago making a Podcast involved some serious tech. You needed a quality microphone, reliable audio mixer software and a lap or desk top. Plus you needed plenty of valuable time to get it sounding right. Welcome to new world because all you need now is a smart phone and an app. You may need to fork out a small outlay on the app but for under $50 you can get the right platform to make your Podcast sound very professional.

Last year in the United States alone an estimated 67 million people tuned in to a daily Podcast. So why has the Podcast boom happened? Well the main reasons are twofold. The expansion of the worldwide web and the technological of the smartphone. It’s only now that business communities around the world are beginning to take notice of the Podcast and the advantages on offer.

Since the early days some Podcasters have gravitated away to the more established social media sites. Now the doors are firmly open for commercial users and the number of listeners is increasing. It’s safe to say the consumer is returning to the podcast. It really is that simple. 

Now if all this sounds a bit too much like hard work then think about the fun side. A Podcast is a great way to interact with people on many levels. You may be talking about a book or a movie or the time you hiked across the great outdoors. You are still connecting with people and that can be a lead to further business opportunity. I myself like spending some fun time online at live casinos. It’s a relaxing way to meet other players with similar interests as myself. It’s just one of the many ways you can use technology for your own benefit without spending a fortune.

When you have a chance take time out to listen to a Podcast. See how it works and decide if you could do it. If you could then go for it. You never know who might be listening.