Why Should You Carry a Business Card in 2018?

Carrying around your business card may feel like a primitive thing to do, but that is exactly one of the biggest reasons you should now consider doing it!

Think about it: in a world of fast-paced yet ephemeral social media mavens, you can mark the difference by using a substantial means to share your business contact information.

Just keep in mind that you’re not exactly looking to shoot business cards everytime you see someone wearing a suit, neither have you to give up on the newer and most practical means of information sharing. From digital to analogue – best to keep your communications arsenal stocked up with many different weapons and tools, covering different situations and scenarios!

In case you’ve been neglecting the potential of carrying business cards at a time when most people stopped doing so, read through this article for some ingenious ideas that will make you want to go all out on a HelloPrint shopping spree!

Dare to stand out from the digital-only crowd

Do you know what fashion and history have in common? They both evolve in circles, and they both invariably repeat themselves over time. The rise and fall of business cards over the past century make a good case in point. Do you remember how that went?

Twenty years ago, when people were just barely starting to hear about this new thing called “The Internet”, business cards were the undisputed and mandatory standard norm for sharing business contact information. It was not uncommon to see Rolodexes taking a prized position on typical office desks – which is to say, card spinners for easy storage and retrieval of business cards. As legend goes, some top brand business suits were even rumored to have extra alphabetical pockets for carrying all the business cards people would routinely hand each other on the job. Suffice to say, business cards were one serious stuff.

In fact, business cards were so absolutely big and widespread that it soon became “cool”, with the rise of the information technologies, for the newer generation to skip them altogether. As millenials started coming of age, shirking off business cards became the hip new norm. “Why bother with tossing around printed paper”, people said, “when I can just zap my contact info, social media information and website URI directly to your available channels?”. And for a while, that reasoning actually made good sense. Until now.

We’re now reaching the opposite diameter in this historical cycle pertaining business cards. Since they are now starting to be uncommon, that implies the “cool” new thing to do will now be using business cards. Think about it: at a time when no one uses business cards anymore, now you can make a powerful statement by handing them out; additionally, your cards will be much better positioned to make a lasting impression since they’ll naturally stand out, no matter where you drop them.

Card in the hand is the new foot in the door

As the history of business cards turns back on itself and reaches an all-time low, that means the new trend-setters now have the highest potential for growth. Handing business cards is now once again an effective way to get your proverbial foot in the door of any business. This is something you should be using to your advantage to get ahead of the curve.

Why not get hold of some high quality business cards? Even the super premium glossy cards are really inexpensive, these days. You can put all your digital contacts in there, add a slogan or picture, really aiming to put forth a sense of personality and uniqueness. It will be a great way for you to stand out in this ephemeral digital-only world of ours. Let’s use these retro tool to our best benefit, as we soar across the vast digital worlds of tomorrow!